*Spoiler* 5 Participants Confirmed For WWE Title Ladder Match At MITB; Plans For Another Ladder Match

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For those that missed it in this week's Smackdown taping results, Bray Wyatt qualified for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank by beating Dean Ambrose in a bout that will air on this week's broadcast.

The match now includes Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Cesaro and Randy Orton. There are plans to add two more workers to the match.

While the match obviously does not carry the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase containing a title shot, the talk coming out of this week's tapings was they might do a second Money in the Bank ladder match that includes the title shot.

  • Avalanchian

    So the last 2 spots comes down to Rollins, Cena, Reigns, and Lesnar would be my guess.

    • Bernardo Antonio Flores

      What about punk or Jericho or sting lol

    • Bob’s Diner

      I expect Cena, but I think the last person will be someone like Kofi Kingston that can do some silly spots to make it more exciting

      • Jason

        Kofi Has been on a receiving end of jobbing. so he isnt going anywhere near that ladder match. If anything it would be someone who has been on a hot streak, which would be Rusev

        • Bob’s Diner

          Because Rusev is so exciting in the ring and is known for stupid spots that get people excited. Totally

          • Jason

            Your sarcasm doesnt seem to get the fact that Rusev is said to get a giant push, something that was meant for umaga. But due to Rusev getting a hot streak he goes above people like Kofi because Kofi was squashed. and with his loss against Bo Dallas as well. Don’t expect Kofi to go anywhere near a Title opportunity. There are people who like it, and some who dont but apparently thats how it is…

          • Bob’s Diner

            I actually just used Kofi as an example of someone who does stupid spots in matches like these – I wasn’t necessarily saying ‘ZOMG Kofi Kingston is gonna win the title!!’

            This match, while full of solid in-ring performers, is lacking someone that will do something crazy fans expect from these matches.

            Rusev is not that person.

            And besides, being in this match doesn’t mean you are winning the title.

          • Jason

            Well lets go through the people that are in this match

            #1) Randy Orton – He has done some crazy shit in the past. Including but not limited too the Infamous Shooting StaRKO on Evan Bourne. He has his spots Face or Heel.

            #2) Sheamus – Putting Sin Cara through a ladder was sick that year. and personally from last years Match it took nearly a year off of his career which causes some worry on his part. But He too has his Spots.

            #3) Cesaro – I expect allot from him this year. Ladders, Cesaro Swing, Neutralizer off or through a ladder. I have high hopes.

            #4) Del Rio – Granted he was in a ladder match before, and he has been off his game for awhile now, But with this i have doubts.

            #5) Newly Added Bray Wyatt – I expect Some crazy shit to go on with him as well. since this being his first ladder match. I know he will have allot of spots in this match but on the side to have Rowen/Harper involved. Including the Uso’s since they have a nack of getting involved when Rowen and Harper are around. So if this Happens you can expect allot of high flying crazy ECW-style shit going on

            as for the other 2 unknown’s its a wait and see.

          • Bob’s Diner

            You just totally made me think how downright hilarious it would be if Evan Bourne was a surprise entrant.

            Pretty sure half the crowd would be like ‘who is this guy?’

          • Jason

            Yes, it would be hilarious. it would also be hilarious if Bourne gets taken out of that match after some nasty bumps. But even hell Brock Lesnar being a surprise entrant.. i will lose my shit

          • Trapdoor

            Nicely set out with some good points, as for the remaining two: We know WWE are trying to get Lesner back asap, to liven things up for Summer Slam & although Rollins would add an insane high flyer to the match, I can see it being HHHRollins vs AmbroseReigns (Rather than put 2 Evo in at once). Cena: Don’t see it. He himself stated how no-one wants to see him have another (title) push, a few weeks back. (Sudden thought: If they do have a contract MITB match, what’s the chance Orten gets the Title(s) & Rollins gets the case(!)

          • Jason

            i still think that if they don’t announce those are that in the MITB Ladder match for the briefcase(If there will be) i still say who ever the 1 out of 7 is that grabs those belts, the remaining 6 will re enter a ladder match for the case itself.

          • Trapdoor

            A 2 part main event: (1st) Who gets the belts (2nd) Who’s going after them, at any given time, with the case. Nice idea & it’s a pretty strong group of people (so far) to pull off a match like that.

            What would make me laugh is if Brock comes out, destroys all in under 5mins, gets the belts (watching him climb a ladder will be an event in itself), then watch as during the 2nd part, everyone else is like “Err.. no thanks. You can have it. You think I’m going to choose to go after Lesner!” 😀

          • Bob’s Diner

            hahaha brilliant ending!

          • Avalanchian

            Rusev won’t get a giant push. Because no one cares about him.

          • Jason

            Rusev is meant to get the push that was meant for Umaga, and if no one gave a shit about him than he wouldnt get a single reaction. and yet him and lana gets heat from the crowd as wanted. So in a retrospect Rusev is going to end up being like the iron sheik, being one way or another like it or not he’ll be a future world champion. Thats what it seems like to me.

  • Stephen Cash

    Cena and Rollins. During the match Lesnar comes out and takes out ADR to take his spot.

    • David F

      I also dont see ADR making to MITB. Will be interesting to see if Lesnar shows up at MITB and if there is confrontation between him and Cesaro

      • Trapdoor

        If ADR doesn’t make it, it had better be due to Ziggler taking him out.

  • kingdook24

    I’m gonna take a shot in the dark & say a “heel” is going to win this with there being 4 heels in this match.
    I may actually pass on MITB, even with being free on the WWE Network.