*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results (2/21) - Lockdown Main Event Announced

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TNA taped the 2/21 episode of Impact Wrestling Saturday from London, England as part of their 2013 "Maximum Impact" tour. Below are full taping results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday, February 21, 2013 on Spike TV):

* Rockstar Spud b. Robbie E after interference from Robbie T.

* Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Joseph Park & James Storm b. TNA Tag Team Champions Austin Aries & Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian when the champs walked out on their partners.

* TNA X Division Champion Rob Van Dam b. Kenny King after the 5 Star Frog Splash.

* Hulk Hogan comes out and announces that Bully Ray will challenge Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship at Lockdown. The main event of the night is made when Bully comes out as he'll team with Sting AND Hogan to face Aces and Eights.

* Samoa Joe b. Garett Bischoff via disqualification after interference from Wes Brisco. They beat up on Joe after the match until Kurt Angle came out and made the save. It's announced that Angle will work Brisco at Lockdown.

* Velvet Sky won a four way elimination match to win the TNA Knockout Championship. This one lacked logic with people running in to breakup pins, which didn't make sense given the fact a pinfall doesn't end the match until there are only two participants left. Whatever. Jessie Godderz was ejected from ringside. Gail Kim eliminated Tara first. Brooke Tessmacher was eliminated by Sky. Sky ended up pinning Gail after hitting In Yo' Face.

* Mr. Anderson, DOC & Devon b. Bully Ray, Sting and Hulk Hogan. The match started without Hogan as his music played but he didn't come out. A "kidnapped" Brooke Hogan was brought out midway through the bout by other Aces and Eights members as well as an injured Hogan. Bully left the match to save Brooke and Sting got pinned. The Hogan family (Hulk, Bully & Brooke) watched from the ramp as Sting was attacked after the match. The locker room cleared with Team TNA gaining the advantage as the show fades.

  • Michael

    I think that Ace’s and Eights will help Bully win the World title and then Bully will be revealed as the leader of Ace’s and Eights. That was the plan a few months ago and it looks like they are going with it. Bully Ray wins the title and Jeff Hardy leaves for Wwe!

    • Cdog101

      If thats true this could spark a return for team 3D

  • SoulFool

    Who cares…Just as long as The A&E crap ends soon and they are all unmasked…but than again I seriously doubt that anytime soon , since TNA can’t seem to figure out where they are going w/ this angle !!! Hogan injured…Brooke is kidnapped ?!? Any chance this will take them off tv ?!? LMAO…Ok…that’s reaching , I know…wishful thinking !!!

  • Tom

    what happened to the tournament from last week for the #1 contender?

  • Cdog101

    That could mean a return for team3D?

  • SoulFool

    Bully Ray gets WHC shot ?!? How convenient for The Hogan’s !!! Maybe this is how the old fart is gonna win it like he mentioned in an interview a month or so ago…remember ?!? If Bully Ray reveals he is Leader/Member of Ace’s and Eight’s , Hulk will fight him in some bs fashion and become TNA Champion !!! Then every one who was a loyal fan of TNA will simply be pissed off and stop watching…like Me !!!

  • lbp365

    They watch as sting gets attacked does this mean they’re part of Aces and eights? TNA u have so many fans behind u but u keep shooting yourself in the foot and if they r part of aces and eights then whose left to b good? Please!!!!! Hire professional writers or me i’m sure there r a lot of out of work soap oprea writers some where.