*Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Taping Results From Columbus, Ohio

WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown:

* John Cena opens Smackdown with a promo, but is soon interrupted by some of his opponents at Money in the Bank. Alberto Del Rio is out first, followed by Sheamus, Cesaro, Roman Reigns & Randy Orton. The segment devolves into a brawl as Reigns and Orton fight each other and Cena and Sheamus clear Del Rio & Cesaro from the ring.

* Seth Rollins b. Kofi Kingston. Rollins was wearing new ring gear, what looked like a sleeveless black pleather vest and similar-looking long black tights.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Bad News Barrett in a non-title match with a roll-up. After the match, Barrett hit Ziggler with a Bullhammer elbow.

* Adam Rose b. Titus O'Neil. After the match, Titus demanded a rematch.

* Adam Rose b. Titus O'Neil quickly with a roll-up.

* Kane b. Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins was on commentary for the match. During the match, Ambrose attacked Rollins at ringside, allowing Kane to hit a Chokeslam for the win after Ambrose re-entered the ring. After the match, Rollins hit a curb stomp on Ambrose.

* Big E b. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

* Bo Dallas b. Fandango. Summer Rae & Layla brawled around the ring during the match, and Layla accidentally kicked Fandango, allowing Bo to take advantage and win.

* Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about his opportunity to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Money in the Bank.

* An announcement will be made on Raw regarding the second Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

* John Cena, Sheamus & Roman Reigns b. Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio & Cesaro. Reigns pinned Del Rio after getting a hot tag.

  • Avalanchian

    Sure seems like Ambrose is getting the short end of The Shield breakup.

    • jfl

      Of course. He’s dating Renee Young, or whatever her name is, and Trips is down on her, so he’s getting the blank end of the stick as a result. Shame, really, as he’s easily the most talented of the three.

      • Val Parfenoff

        what u mean hhh is down on renee?

    • BrooksOglesby

      I’m looking at it this way: They know Ambrose is talented enough that he can be successful on his own. This isn’t a knock on Reigns, but he was the guy who needed the company behind him most of all. He’s just that kind of talent. He’s the tough-looking guy with a tight, exciting moveset that benefits from the WWE-style match and WWE face booking. Rollins could have found himself in a Kofi position in 6 months without this storyline. Another high-flying babyface in WWE would’ve probably had a ceiling, but having him turn heel will likely end up making his character more interesting and reaching higher heights faster (not to mention, his inevitable face turn could be huge). Ambrose is a special case. He could’ve made it on his own, and still could, so there’s no need to majorly capitalize on him now. He’ll thrive no matter what, and he’ll be fine.

      They have to know he’s money as a heel (given his compelling work in developmental and as a major mouthpiece in The Shield), and he’s surprising many people, myself included, by how well he works as a face. He’ll have his time, but he’s talented enough to create his own momentum, whereas the other two may have a tougher time with that within the WWE climate (again, both Reigns and Rollins are talented, but they’re distinctly different talents).

      • Venom

        But I also think that has had issues in the past with after Miz/Morrison breaking up everyone thought John Morrison would be a huge star while Miz would be Marty Jennetty’d. So they focussed on pushing Miz hard woth no rush on Morrison and look at what happened.

        Even Ted Dibiase Jr. was supposed to have a bright future and Cody Rhodes ended up having a better career and could sve been a main eventer right now.

        Not saying this will happen with Ambrose but you never know. Would be interesting though if Roman Reigns wins the title and Ambrose wins MITB and they’re still in an alliance.

        • BrooksOglesby

          Good points all around. WWE’s track record of long-term planning for potential stars isn’t too great. I will say, however, that I’d say Ambrose has more charisma and the “it factor” a lot more than Morrison or DiBiase did (this is coming from a big Morrison mark from back in the day). I can’t say with certainty that WWE definitely won’t ever miss the boat on Ambrose, but he’s a separate talent from guys like Morrison and DiBiase, who were lost without WWE’s direction.

          There are just certain guys who take greater control to make their characters interesting. A recent example I can think of is when Daniel Bryan was doing Team Hell No stuff. It could’ve ended up with him as a permanent comedy act, but it became more than just the midcard comedy act it was, and I have to think that at least part of it has to do with Bryan’s charisma (or the it factor, if you will). Ambrose is another guy like that, where he may not be immediately given top storylines, but he’ll work whatever he gets in such a way that will benefit his career in the long-term. His natural charisma will shine through like it has since the day The Shield debuted.

          In the event of Ambrose falling down the card like they did (which at this point, I doubt), Ambrose would likely do a better job of keeping his head above water and making what was given to him interesting as opposed to what Morrison and DiBiase did to make their boring angles more interesting, which was nothing.

          • Venom

            Sadly, I think Daniel Bryan might end up like Ziggler. Win the top title, get injured, lose the title and by the time he comes back has to work his way up. I’m already hoping someone like Cesaro or Roman Reigns win at MITB and face Brock or something at summerslam. Not even thinking if Bryan.

            While I think Dean Ambrose is a great wrestler and has charisma I do feel Morrison had something more special. He did that parkour training, had an amazing Ryal Rumble moment before Kofi became the guy to do that. He knew how to cut promos like Ambrose but in different style. He even had merchandise which Ambrose doesn’t yet.

            Ted was a 2nd generation wrestler and had a movie out. I don’t thi I he had charisma though. Felt like a zombie cutting a promo. But should have made it work.

            Not saying Ambrose will go that route. I just hope it’s not a situation where WWE will put him aside and focus on Reigns and Rollins because Ambrose is gonna be a star and then forget about him like Ted and Morrison.

            Again, I thi I it would be cool if Roman wins title and Ambrose wins briefcase. Maybe have Ambrose and Rollins fighting on the ladder and Ambrose wins. Still keep him and Reigns alligned and he and Rollins can fight over the briefcase. But then have Ambrose cash in or tease cash in on reigns.

          • BigMike

            AMbrose has better mic skills than all of the others you mentioned… PLUS with his many years of INDY wrestling under his belt, he knows ring psychology SO well…. look at his INDY stuff on Youtube from HWA and CZW among other places

    • Chris

      They’re doing Ambrose versus Rollins, which will spill into the second Ladder match, it’s actually a good idea as these two men will put on some amazing matches.

  • Cubed56

    So much for Barrett restoring the IC title, on the other hand its nice to see Dolph get a nice win.

    • Avalanchian

      Dolph matches are insane. It’s hard to tell if he will win or lose.

    • Stephen Cash

      He lost one match….

      • Cubed56

        He’s lost more then one match since regaining the title. Even if it was this one loss, the problem is champions, particularly the IC and US title holder have lost in non title matches far too often over the last handful of years. Booking like that will never restore those titles and it’s a shame cause they used to mean as much and sometimes more then then the world title.

    • K!NG

      If no one beats barrett in a non title match no one is going to buy into him having a viable competitor for the IC title

      • Cubed56

        Valid point, however they allow the us/ic champs to lose so much recently in non title matches that its making everyone viable and devaluing the titles.

  • Venom

    Is Bo Dallas turning face? I think he’s wrestled and beaten Damien Sandow on houseshows.

  • amaanakter

    A dolph win is always nice to see!

  • Mike H. from Indiana

    Am sick of seeing more time being put into a catfight between two divas ( Layla and Summer Rae) who are fighting over a guy who never wins rather than building the character of your 21-year old champion (Paige) who could be the face of the women’s division for the next 10 years!! Come on, Vince!!!!

  • K!NG

    hopefully Barrett didnt hurt ziggler with that bull hammer we all know dolph has a glass jaw