*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Omaha, Nebraska

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WWE taped this week's Smackdown tonight from the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Below are full results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy)

* Teddy Long opens the show by announcing the participants in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber: Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, & Randy Orton. Henry comes out to complain about his odds of winning in the Chamber, and demands a title match tonight instead. Teddy says that Henry is out of the Chamber, but he doesn't get a title match tonight either. Henry grabs Teddy, and Teddy stops him and tells him that he's been indefinitely suspended for putting his hands on him. Henry says that a suspension wouldn't stop him, but Sheamus interrupts and levels Henry with a Brogue Kick. Teddy then asks Sheamus which title he would be challenging for, as this year's Royal Rumble winner, and Sheamus says that he is still undecided. Cody Rhodes interrupts and reminds everyone about how he did the most work of anyone in the Royal Rumble this year. Teddy makes Cody vs. Sheamus official for tonight.

* Sheamus b. Cody Rhodes in a non-title match.

* Hunico w/ Camacho vs. Justin Gabriel went to a no contest when Cody Rhodes, still by the ring after his match, attacked Gabriel before his match could start. Hunico and Camacho joined the assault on Gabriel until The Great Khali made the save.

* Drew McIntyre is backstage with Teddy Long, pleading for one more chance before being fired. Santino Marella interrupts and pitches a new tag team: Santin-"Hoooo!" "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan then appears onscreen with Santino and starts a USA chant while Santino chants "I-tal-ia!"

* Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes b. Santino Marella & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

* Daniel Bryan goes out to the ring for a promo. He talks about how he is a role model and chastises the crowd for eating meat. Big Show interrupts and tells Bryan he just finished eating a steak before chokeslamming Bryan. Before Show could do anything else, AJ ran out and stopped him.

* Brodus Clay b. Heath Slater. After the match, Drew McIntyre came out and attacked Brodus, but Brodus turned the tables with ease and crushed McIntyre.

* Beth Phoenix & Natalya b. Tamina & Aksana

* It is announced that The Great Khali will take Mark Henry's spot in this year's Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

* Randy Orton b. Wade Barrett in a long match that took place outside of the ring for a large portion. Orton won with an RKO. Daniel Bryan came out at the end of the show to celebrate with his title and Teddy Long announced that Daniel Bryan will take on Randy Orton next week on Smackdown.

  • H.M.

    Great Khali comes for a save? I was almost relieved that he was gone. WE WANT GOLDUST!

    Oh and where's Santoshi?

    • Vince


    • H.M.

      Lol @ my thumbs downs. I'm pretty sure almost NONE of the IWC wants to see the giant back in the upper-card main event scene.

  • Gvvgcbb

    What are they doing with Brodus Clay? It seems like he is just squashing people with my feud at all.

    • MonsterMike42

      That's the point. It's the same thing they do with most large superstars.

  • herro

    great khali for ec umm get someone else like a high flyer in it, sd ec is just power

  • Lindsay Anderson

    This is TOO GOOD to be true! I am LOVIN' THIS! Great Khali is back! AWESOME! Teddy Long, we <3 you! Mark Henry's suspended indefinitely!! Sheamus gives Henry the Brogue Kick & then finding out that Daniel Bryan & the Viper have to take on each other on the following Smackdown, life is great! However, do something with Beth & Natalya, those bags gotta go! Golddust does need to return though. Cody Rhodes has to go. Hunico, Primo, & Epico all stink too!

    • XKonn247

      Wait… Is this over elaborate sarcasm?

    • Dave

      Cody Rhodes has to go!? WHAT!? Rhodes = The reason many view Smackdown.

      • Wes

        I agree Cody is one of the hottest young stars in wwe period.i predict a run @ or with the whc by summer slam

      • Scottyo614

        Lol if Cody goes, from the sound of MSG with him at SS, the New York viewership goes to… I'm hoping this is Internet sarcasm though

  • The Dave

    vince screwd drew…. Handpicking a world champion….. Three yrs ago…….

  • robert

    i don't like orton but this gives Bryan a chance to shine against a super face, besides hhh i haven't been been excited about someones wrestling since angle

  • James

    Thank god I get to see AJ on tv again this week, I've missed her cuteness.

  • kyle

    Not to be mean to Khali but I would rather see someone else in that elimination chamber. Justin Gabriel(who can do insane moves in the chamber) or someone like Drew Mcintyre or Big Zeke.

  • Luke

    Daniel Bryan Is Gonna get It

  • havoc525

    Was hoping Drew would somehow get in the chamber again. He did great in it before, even made a lot of people who hated him respect him. Then I read they put Khali in…yeah….ummmm….hmph…

  • jonathon212

    great khali ??? ugh …where the hell is christian ???

  • steve

    So who does Sheamus fued with at EC, surely not Jinder???

  • Gary

    Orton v Bryan next week! Yes. Just give them 20 minutes plus is all I ask.

  • Hunter

    McIntrye should be in the EC match again this year. He was great in the match last year

  • triple h

    i'm glad wwe are pushing khali ! being an indian, its awesome to see a representative ! 😉

    • Mr. Love

      Again jinder mahal, but he is crap, not as much as khali but crap non the less

    • : He originally splleed it “mediocre” but he changed it after I pointed it out. You’ll notice he also changed “calender” to “calendar” after Feedback pointed out the mistake.I would block you for adding nothing to discussions except for your constant stream of negativity, but I will keep you around to show people how sad somebody can be by trying to bring people down all the time. Thanks for reading!

  • @jblack424

    Couple things I reas cause ill miss smackdown this week is 1. Clay vs drew could be good if done right. 2.bryan vs orton if not bad will be awesome. 3.what happened to wades push went to taking out orton to quickly getting thrown out of rumble whne on of the favorite and even though said long match I’m sure orton did it clean. As far as khali or henry for last spot I’m fine with it. They want size so bryan can say I beat you and you and you when you compare henry khali show to bryan its probably part of this heel character who is not done growing. Personally I wouldn’t mind christian vs cody for int title as he made it a title match worth watching and you can do cody disrespect dusty which brings out edge that brings out edge. Christian promises to leave wm champ for edge. Cody being hot and on the rise if that match is booked the winner is a mystery.

    • havoc525

      Dude, what hell were you smoking when you typed this? What the hell are you trying to say?

  • @jblack424

    I’m saying possible storyline I would like to see. Why are ppl so mad on here. If you don’t like my comment don’t read it. You I didn’t finish it cause I quickly typed and it must not went through or mind went to quick for hands to type. I meant to say bryan is getting built up to beat big men. Henry show then khali. That’s huge men. Cody brought prestige back to the intercontenial title and with edge hof headliner christian will induct him and will have to be face to do so. Its would be an awesome match I think wwe should do. Next havok ill ask for your permission first since your the guy who runs this website. Lol tough keyboard kids

    • BigT102090

      i think he was more commenting on ur terrible grammar and sentence structure which makes it a chore to read any comment you post. You sound like a kid with down syndrome.