*SPOILERS* Major Title Change At Tonight's RAW Tapings

This was even reported by WWE themselves on their app (with a spoiler warning) but for those of you that don't want to know what happens on RAW tonight, read no further.

On tonight's edition of RAW, Sheamus & Cesaro defeated Ambrose & Rollins to re-capture the RAW Tag Team Championship. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Ambrose to get the win.

Of course, this completely changes the Survivor Series lineup as it looks like we will get another heel vs. heel Champion vs. Champion match with the new champions facing The Usos.

  • David F

    I would consider Usos tweeners than full on heels

  • DM

    In my opinion, this “shield reunion” has been a huge flop, the only good thing I think could be good from this is a Roman Reigns turn… just saying

    • Shadowfox

      That’s not fair, Roman got sick so it never got going. Had he been healthy it would have been different.

      • DM

        Maybe… honestly I have felt this reunion thing so weak, in my opinion a little bit rushed and overhyped. Funny how the crowd reaction for each one, shows everyone who is “The Man” that has to be pushed, anyway, I still think they can use the “temporal third member” to make roman heel, the man was booed even after the reunion… so sad.

  • JeanVice

    Usos VS Rollins/Ambrose is a match I was looking forward to — not sure how I feel about this match up now.