*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Newark, New Jersey

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WWE taped this week's Smackdown tonight from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Kevin Eperjesi for sending in results. Below are full taping results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy)

* Daniel Bryan opens the show by coming to the ring with AJ and cutting a promo.  AJ says that she loves him and he is the best boyfriend ever. Sheamus interrupts and tells Bryan that he will be winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII.

* Mark Henry b. R-Truth

*In a backstage segment, Zack Ryder & The Great Khali are added to Teddy Long's team at WrestleMania XXVIII. Hornswoggle was added as team mascot.

* AJ b. Brie Bella

* Zack Ryder w/ Hornswoggle b. Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero. Hornswoggle and Vickie got into an argument, which distracted Swagger long enough to allow Ryder to hit the Rough Ryder.

* Kane b. Big Show by DQ when Cody Rhodes interfered. Show chased Rhodes into the crowd, which distracted Kane. Randy Orton ran into the ring and delivered an RKO to Kane.

* Brodus Clay b. Heath Slater

*Christian came out to do commentary for the next match.

* The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler originally ended when John Laurinaitis called for the bell when Ziggler applied a submission that Khali didn't submit to. Teddy Long came out and reversed the decision, leading to Dolph Ziggler losing by countout. Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella came out and threw Ziggler back into the ring, and Khali hit him with a brain chop.

* CM Punk & Sheamus b. Daniel Bryan & The Miz when Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on The Miz.

  • Wes Branscum

    Really khali, waste of a WM spot

  • iamjohnnymcb

    can someone pls injure khali again like the 7 on 7 summerslam match with the nexus, seriously just ship him back to india and im pretty much sure tna could use him

    • WWE NERD

      Shut Up the WWE needs him,so the Indian people can be happy about watching the WWE,because about Khali,you think you're better than him?Because if you do you're wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake "Cp" Frato

    I can imagine them going in the direction of Khali being injured and replaced with Hornswoggle at the last second 😛

    • JamieSNZ

      Don't even joke about that!

  • Ryder

    lol teddy longs team makes me laugh hornswoggle as the mascot, santino as the captain and khali is also added on the team

    • WWE NERD

      I think Long's going to win,because they have the Great Khali,and he can win from his size,and strength.

  • Big O

    Zacks going to mania! WOO WOO WOO you know it!

  • dusty588

    Why must they have Khali in that match? I know that they want to have an "imposing force" on the teams, but still? Oh well! By time Khali gets to the ring, we'll be at Rock/Cena by then!

    • Jay

      I also am baffled that Khali is put on the card but Clay is kept off of TV for in-ring performance

      • XKonn247

        Clay has been around a few months (in this carnation), been dropped once for behavioural issues, wasn’t on RAW on Monday, hasn’t had a feud… Khali, as bad as he is, has been around years, is a former world champion, is over with the kids, Vince is high on him. Just a few reasons. (Let the nagatives flow in!!!)

  • Joe

    VKM is high up on the Great Khali because of his impact that he has in India and the Middle East. Vince wants to showcase Khali on the grandest stage of them all to sell more PPVs out in that part of the world. He can care less about his actual in ring ability.

    • Redrum Vasquez

      I agree with u on that but wasn’t he supposed to be doing that with Justin Gabriel to sell PPVs in South Africa?

    • H.M.

      Khali has no hold in the Middle East. India = / = Middle East. .-.

  • Alejandro

    Please give him the Kozlov treatment. Have him ‘injured’ during Wrestlemania Axxess so The Miz or somebody,ANYBODY else,can replace Khali.Glad to see Zack on there though.

  • Dave McGreal

    I think this Randy Orton and Kane angle stinks I feel sorry for Kane stuck in a feud with the momentum killer.

    • Gary

      Sorry,he already had the feud with the real momentum killer,and thats Cena. He's killed more careers than anyone the past 60 years.

  • Samuel andersen

    I’d pay to see khali at mania.

  • Samuel andersen

    I think lord tensai(a-train) vs Kane would be a great angle depending on how they played it out

    • XKonn247

      For WrestleMania…? A guy who’s been away from WWE for 7 years…? At WrestleMania…? Yea.

      • Rob

        He never mentioned WM. I think he meant as a debut for the new Lord Tensai who will obviously come in after Mania.

  • Redrum Vasquez

    I think it sucks having Randy Orton in a feud with the Big Red Retard. Waste of a wm match and Khali is a waste of a wm spot. In all honesty I’d rather see The Miz in Khali’s spot.

    • John Strunbul

      I think it sucks more having Randy Boreton in a feud with Kane. Orton always on top, killing his momentum and making Kane's return to WWE seems pointless

      • Travis

        John Cena is the one that killed Kane's momentum, Randy Orton shouldn't have to waste his time feuding with Kane. Kane can put the mask back wear he found it. extremely boring on the mic, and his in ring performance hasn't been worthy of being a main event talent since 2002.

        • XKonn247

          Because Randy Orton is a GOD on the mic. Oh and let’s not forget his huge repertoire of moves that are just a power slam, a back breaker, a DDT and an RKO…

          • Travis

            Randy Orton is no CM Punk on the mic but he is leagues better than Kane. orton still has the some of the best looking moves in the WWE. Kane was great in the attitude era, but the WWE killed Kane. Then they replaced him with the creature we see today. I'm not really sure when people started to hate Randy Orton but the last time I checked he was regarded as a top five wrestler in the entire industry. He also still puts on great matches and helps build up young talent such as Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.

      • Bigbdawg

        What momentum they already fed him to cena

      • George

        It's infuriating about the lack of respect Kane gets sometimes. This man was and still is one of the best big men to ever wrestle and has earned the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

    • XKonn247

      It sucks more that it’s 2012 and you feel the term retard is acceptable.

    • Gary

      Agreede,Kane is a washed up broken piece of crap and should be nowhere near a real talent like Orton,especially at Mania.

      • George

        Why do you say that about Kane? I know it's because he isn't an overrated whiny monotone android like Orton and actually puts people over instead of yelling "Stupid" in a middle of a live segment on top of going to the office to ***** and moan about mid-card wrestlers and killing their pushes.

  • Hunter

    Man, Long’s team is laughable besides Truth

    • Alex

      Kofi is a joke? Sick sick human you are..

    • JamieSNZ

      BESIDES Truth??

  • Jay

    ADR as the last man in the Team Johnny

  • ol skewl fan

    Kahli, Santino, and Hornswoggle what is this a rehash of The Oddities?

    • XKonn247


  • RespiratorySystem

    I have a feeling that the Ace-Team will win.

    • John Strunbul

      No they shouldn't. If Team Ace wins at WrestleMania, then Tag Team division will finally extinguish in WWE. To quote Teddy Long; "This match now will be a tag team match…"

  • fletch

    Based on team members it is safe for me to say that long team should lose.

  • Scotty

    AJ also said that some night she and Daniel spoon lol

  • doa

    I think team Teddy is gonna win. Not because of the team, but just because I don’t think Teddy is going to lose his job.

  • Bill

    Teddy long has the most worthless people on his team. Especially khali. I like zack Ryder and santino but come on teddy you want to win don’t you!!?

  • H.M.

    Santino, Khali, Ryder, R-Truth, Kofi vs David Otunga, Mark Henry, Christian, ZIggler, Swagger so far.

    Khali and Hornswoggle are two stars I just loathe to see on my television screen. Just having them featured on Team Teddy in any capacity brings the credibility of their team down. At least I can understand Khali's appeal in India, and as much as I hate the fact that he's in the match, I can UNDERSTAND why he was thrown in there. So long as he gets pinned first I'm happy..I guess.

    • Matt Scott

      It's not elimination…

  • The fact that McIntyre isn’t on the team and that crippled freak Khali is just sums up WWE at the moment.

  • James Mitchell

    Is it just me, or does anyone else wanna role around with AJ for about an hour?

  • rkoturner11

    Who wants to bet khali chops a couple people in the head, takes 3-4 finishers and then is out of the match in a minute?!

    • Rob

      Um…have they said it's elimination? Cus I'm betting it isn't. This is a filler match and could easily be turned into a 3 minute match.

  • Amber

    God, I'd rather see Cole get in there and win the whole damn thing, than have Khali have a spot.

  • Jeremiah

    This match is going to be as bad as the "Divas" match!


    I hope Teddy wins,and I hope also that Luarinitis has a mascot to,because Long's team does:-}

  • Chowder

    Damn, I’m getting really tired of these “random” Brogue Kick finishes. They sure as hell get a huge pop from my grandpa, but I dunno, it’s just lost it’s appeal for me… And I totally agree about Khali, everytime that oaf gets in the ring I have no choice but to change the channel. He looks so awkward in the ring! It’s like trying to watch a Bear tango with a Great White, it’s not gonna end well!