*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Cleveland, Ohio

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WWE taped this week’s Smackdown tonight from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* The Miz opens the show with an edition of Miz TV. His guest is Mick Foley. Foley asks Miz which version of him will show up: the reality TV version or the WWE Champion version. Miz brings out his teammates. Kane and Daniel Bryan are at odds, and Kofi Kingston and Miz begin to bicker. Randy Orton admits that he doesn't like his teammates before being interrupted by Team Ziggler. Team Ziggler begins to bicker as well before Foley announces that he has matchmaking power tonight. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler will face Miz & Orton, Wade Barrett will face Kane, and Damien Sandow will face Kofi Kingston.

* Damien Sandow b. Kofi Kingston with a roll-up. * Kaitlyn, Layla, & Natalya b. Eve, Alicia Fox, & Aksana

* Randy Orton & The Miz b. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler. Orton hit Miz with an RKO after the match.

* Backstage, Booker T warns Sheamus not to assault Big Show before Survivor Series.

* Sheamus cuts a promo in the ring. He calls out Big Show, saying that he wants to fight tonight. Big Show comes out and declines, citing the fact that Sheamus will be able to use it as an excuse for his loss on Sunday. Sheamus goes after Show but Booker T stops him and ejects Sheamus from the building. He then puts Big Show in a match for later tonight.

* Kane vs. Wade Barrett ends in brawl between the two Survivor Series teams. The Miz keeps his distance as Randy Orton stands tall in the ring.

* Antonio Cesaro b. Sin Cara in a non-title match. R-Truth was on commentary.

* Big Show b. The Great Khali. After the main event, Sheamus attacked Big Show backstage.


  • teamUsUcK

    Another boring predictable Smackdown.. shake things up.. Why not have

    Del Rio n Ziggler vs Miz n Bryan

    Orton vs Sandow

    Kofi vs Barret and Kane vs Rhodes… imo

    • jdl

      Probably because all of your suggestions are just as predictable. It's a typical set up.

    • Bault16

      Cuz that’s the same show with the participants rotated around. Who cares.

      • teamUsUcK

        Its also something different.. Both u morons missed the whole damn point… Its the same shit different show… has miz and bryan ever teqmed together..different… has kofi fought barret..different.. has orton fought sandow.. different.. instead of the same boring shit bring somethin different

    • BigMike

      Rhodes was hurt and did not work SD for starters

  • Kyle

    Hoping Randy Orton turns heel and The Miz turns face

    • jdl

      Well, the Miz is clearly in the middle of a turn. it would be a good idea to turn them against each other. Have Miz turn face at Survivor Series, and have Orton snap and go ballistic on his team after losing. Feed Miz to him, cement the alignment change for each, then they can have a mini-feud with each other to establish their new roles.

  • why sin cara lost to cesaro?

  • H.M.

    Big Show vs Khali as the main event of the show? Well golly, that sure is something to look forward to :/

  • Thunder

    At this rate they'll do Hornswoggle vs Tensai in like a sakamoto on a pole match for wrestlemania