*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Houston, Texas

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WWE taped this week's Smackdown tonight from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* Booker T opens the show by addressing the incident on Raw in which Sheamus stole Alberto Del Rio's car. He says that Sheamus should apologize, and Sheamus comes out. Del Rio quickly interrupts him, telling him that he wants to press charges on Sheamus. He gets mad that Booker is giving Sheamus any punishment for his actions. Booker responds by making Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

* Sin Cara b. Cody Rhodes. Before the match, Rhodes cut a promo berating Sin Cara for wearing a mask. During the match, Rhodes kept trying in vain to remove his mask.

* Christian b. Antonio Cesaro. After the match, Cesaro assaulted Christian.

* Randy Orton b. Jack Swagger

* Jinder Mahal b. two jobbers. He continued his assault after the match. Ryback ran out and chased Jinder away. He then turned his attention to the  jobbers and hit his finisher on them.

* Chris Jericho came out for the Highlight Reel. Vickie Guerrero came out without Dolph Ziggler, and Jericho introduced her as Ziggler's mother. They bicker for a while and Jericho shows the crowd a recap of his Tout, which caused Ziggler to lose. Ziggler then jumps the barricade and assaults Jericho from behind, hitting the Zig Zag and hitting him with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

* Darren Young & Titus O'Neil w/ AW b. Primo & Epico by disqualification to become the #1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships. Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth were on commentary for the match and caused the disqualification after AW threw water on them.

* Backstage, Eve approached Booker T looking for a job again. Booker began to tell her that there were none available, but Kaitlyn walked in. Booker informs the two that they will have a match next week, with the winner becoming his assistant.

* Rey Mysterio b. The Miz in a non-title match. In a dark segment after the match, Triple H came out and gave The Miz a Pedigree.

* Daniel Bryan comes to the ring to cut a promo on his upcoming match at SummerSlam. He is interrupted by Kane, followed by AJ Lee. AJ tries to get Bryan to shake Kane's hand, to which he continuously replies "No!" A brawl breaks out between Kane and Bryan, ending with Bryan escaping through the crowd.

* Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship ended in a no contest. Before the match, police officers come out to apprehend Sheamus. They begin to attack Sheamus, and Del Rio comes out to join in on the assault as well. Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker to end the show.

  • Ryder

    typical wwe for you cody and christian were having a decent fued for the ic title and what do they do? they end a good feud that could have lasted from Over The Limit until Summerslam -_- Now they're just lost in the shuffle

  • RhinoJoe

    Give the miz the title then bury him two shows in a row. What crap.

    • Loki P

      Gotta agree. Take the time and effort to make a good match and give the Miz the title making him look strong then make him look weak straight after ?! Where’s the logic ?!

  • Wwefan4ever

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a divas match : eve vs. kaitlyn?

    It doesn’t seem like a good match but getting the divas on the screen is what matters nowadays

    • Razmos01

      Yea can you read, it says the match was made for NEXT WEEK!!!

  • WyFo

    I thought the Prime Time Players were already the #1 Contenders……

    • Razmos01

      But if Primo and Epico beat them it makes them #1 contenders

  • ghodis

    This just proves how poor smackdown has become. No wonder why people dnt want to watch it.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    i was there my first time ever going to wwe event 😀 it was AWESOME, and the crowd never stopped cheering until jack swagger came out sorry jack but not many people even know you held a the World champion and you defeated randy to retain but we were awesome i think we did better than Miami by a little bit we could really beat Chicago one day if the card was great but MAYBE one day.

    1. Booker T (home town hero)
    2. Rey Meystrio
    3.Randy Orton
    5. i think it was a tie between Jericho and Christian
    6.. Kofi Kingston And R truth tie with ryback and cara

    MIXED cheers
    1.Dolph ziggler all the men were cheering kids plus women were booing.

    TOP 6 BOO'S(Heels)
    1.Daniel Bryan
    2. Vicki
    3.Cody Rhodes
    4.The miz
    5.Del rio

  • mo

    werent they darren oniel already 1 condenter
    whats rong with wwe doing this for christian

    • Callum

      What’s wrong with you is your grammar!

      • mo

        y does it bother u

    • Blake

      Yes they were but they used it on raw a few weeks ago

  • CrankyVince

    People only boo Dolph because he’s with Vickie.

  • Razmos01

    Seems all people do is moan these days, yet the people moaning still read results or watch everyweek, your favorite wrestlers cant win everyweek, that would just be stoopid, nobody else would have a chance of winning

    • Archie1603

      Yeah exactly, what is the point complaining every single week and then still watching it and reading these results? Why can’t these people just sit back, relax, and finish watching the show without having an opinion moaning at the WWE or moaning about certain wrestlers.

  • buddah5050

    Why does HHH keep coming out and pedigreeing the Miz during dark segments? This is the second time I’ve heard of him doing this?