*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Kansas City, Missouri

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WWE taped this week's WWE Smackdown tonight from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* The Miz, the new Intercontinental Champion, opens the show. He talks about his title win from Raw, and thanks the "peeps" for the opportunity to win the title. He is interrupted by Christian, who tells Miz he wants his rematch right now.

* The Miz b. Christian with a roll-up to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

* A four-way match between Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, and Rey Mysterio is announced for tonight, in order to determine the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

* Ryback b. Jinder Mahal by countout. Mid-match, Jinder rolled out of the ring and escaped up the ramp.

* Sheamus b. Cody Rhodes. During the match, Dolph Ziggler walks down holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, watching the match. After the match, Chris Jericho runs out and attacks Ziggler from behind, before throwing him back into the ring to Sheamus. Jericho and Sheamus beat down Ziggler and Jericho hits a codebreaker.

* Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana b. Santino Marella

* Damien Sandow b. Yoshi Tatsu

* AW & the Prime Time Players interrupt a Rosa Mendes photoshoot backstage. AW steals the camera and starts taking pictures of Darren Young & Titus O'Neil instead.

* Alberto Del Rio b. Rey Mysterio, Kane, & Daniel Bryan to become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Rey had Bryan pinned, but Ricardo Rodriguez pulled Rey off of him and allowed Del Rio to get the pin.

  • xChristenLynnx

    so Punk turns heel and Jericho turns face

  • true wrestling fan

    Hopefully cesaro will win the U.S title

  • Luke

    Last time jericho was face was in 2008 to save us from randy orton

    • Dave


      And Del Rio again? He needs to stay away from the main event scene altogether.

      • Chris

        Yea, another WHC match I won't care about. I'll be recording the PPV and skip to the end of the match to see if theres a cash-in.

      • nanadancer

        He needs to go back to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't win a match with help from his peeon

        • n1ck

          how can you be that much of a mark and be on this site?

      • MonsterMike42

        Or out of the ring and off camera. It's obvious no one really cares about him. I mean, have you heard the reaction he gets, or rather, doesn't get.

  • JasonGaza

    so cm punk and jericho trading spots? hopefully jericho gets his pants back

  • vfrezz

    Really really really Alberto del rio gets another title shot #areyouseriousbro

    • Razmos01

      What are you five or something?

      • Tiday


    • sethpac

      See Christian was right. ADR = the mexican JBL.

  • dusty588

    Was the new set/stage that we saw on RAW 1000 only for that special, or is that the new set for the shows?

    • Ryan

      I think that’s for all raw shows cause it was the start of a “new era”

  • Chuck

    Who is the smackdown gm?

    • Callum

      AJ they didn’t announce it a lot but she is GM for both shows!

  • Ryder

    I thought Cody and Christian were gonna finish there feud at Summerslam.

  • christopher525

    So we go from a great Raw 1000, to another boring Smackdown, sounds about right.

  • andre

    Watch for the LJN Andre the giant sign. HYSTERICAL! Made it into every match.

  • Dunn

    So this is Christian’s 5th straight loss.. Looks like good thinks coming his way then

    • havoc525

      Yep, because losing matches means so much, I mean it’s not like Punk went a year without winning a PPV match or anything leading up to last summer.

  • sethpac

    Who is the sd gm? Or did they not follow up on this storyline too….

  • Archie1603

    Now I know I am a big Mysterio fan, but seeing Del Rio always being no.1 contender is getting very boring very quickly, same-old same-old.

    • mw

      ur right theres no chance of winning the title

  • BigMike

    this will be only if the WWE universe allows Punk to go heel and Jericho to go face the WWE universe gets mouthy when they dont get what they want

  • jeremiah

    I really enjoy this "turn" by Punk on Monday. I've had a problem with the superstars going on "vacation" for a while and when they come back they immediately get a title opportunity. It goes all the way back to when Rocky when doing this on a consistent basis years ago. It's why the fans started turning on him years ago. It wasn't because he was getting boring….it was because he got title after title shot when he'd come back from filming his movies. All superstars should earn their opportunities…it's what makes wrestling more appealing to everyone.

  • Why keep giving Del Rio title shots when they cam go to someone who deserve it like Cody Rhodes