*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From London, England

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WWE taped this week’s Smackdown tonight from the O2 Arena in London, England. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy):

* The show opens with a Daniel Bryan promo. He says that Sheamus cheated him out of the World Heavyweight Championship, and he'll outwrestle him to win it back at Extreme Rules. At one point, AJ comes out to. Bryan tells AJ that he wishes she'd never been born. Lots of YES chants are being reported. AJ began crying as Bryan left.

* Natalya b. AJ by disqualification. AJ started the match off with a slap to Natalya's face and ended up beating Natalya so badly that the referee disqualified her and stopped the match. There appeared to be hardway blood, which was cleaned by paramedics and trainers.

* Another vignette featuring Damien Sandow airs.

* Brodus Clay w/ Hornswoggle b. Hunico w/ Camacho. Hornswoggle hit a tadpole splash after the match and danced with Clay.

* Randy Orton vs. Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match is made official at Extreme Rules.

* Titus O'Neil & Darren Young b. The Usos with a combination spinebuster clothesline. It was announced earlier in the show that O'Neil and Young have been added to the Smackdown roster from NXT.

* Alberto Del Rio b. The Big Show in a non-title match after Ricardo Rodriguez and Cody Rhodes distracted Show.

* Ryback b. a wrestler from Leicester, England in a squash. Before the match, the jobber got on the mic and dedicated the match to his mom.

* There is backstage segment involving John Laurinaitis, Teddy Long, Aksana, and a debuting Antonio Cesaro.

* The show's main event is Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Great Khali vs. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes. Rhodes attacks Khali as he makes his way down to the ring, so Khali is replaced by The Big Show.

* Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show b. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, & Cody Rhodes. Orton got the pin after hitting Henry with an RKO.

  • ryder

    I wonder if we will see a face turn for Daniel Bryan in the future it seems like ever since that loss from WM he's been getting over more now

    • Van

      well I think if the fans are still cheering for him by the summer,they'll have no choice but to turn him face because if telling AJ he wishes she was never born won't keep the fans from booing him,nothing will

    • Jay

      No! >:(

      A face turn ruined guys like Punk in the long run and WWE has a tendency to kill the edgy personalities that makes heels so damn great. Keep Bryan a heel, actually build him up respectably, and have him contending against the likes of Orton, Ambrose, Mysterio, etc.

      Keep him heel, he's too damn fun!

  • Christ 4 Life

    so far, it sounds like an interesting smackdown

  • Pizzaman

    What Darren young really really

    • Razmos01

      Sorry Miz!!!!

  • jdl

    So, O'Neil and Young have redeemed themselves so well they just skipped the whole going on to the next season of NXT that's never going to happen?

  • H.M.

    AJ going ham, just on the wrong diva. Why not Alicia Fox instead?! Or hell, take both of the Bellas out of action since they won't be staying for too long anyway. Natalya does not deserve this <.<

    Also, it's nice to see a new tag team on SD! with Titus and Darren Young. Now bring Reks/Hawkins, Santino/Brodus, McIntyre/Regal(my personal preference) and you have the groundwork for a solid tag division.

  • LeBron James

    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks should be officially placed on the Smackdown roster, they are an awesome heel tag team.

  • Jay

    I'd like to see the heels go over for once in those 6 man tag matches.

  • chelu671

    Nobody even noticed the very european Antonio Cesaro? I look foward to the former ROH superstar competing in his first mainstream WWE match. KOW Kings KOW Kings of Wrestling!

    • Jay

      And he's with Regal! Even better

      • Ron

        Dude a Faction with Cesaro, Regal, Mcintyre and some muscle like Sheamus or somebody would be SICK!!!!!

  • christopher525

    Question is, will they allow Claudio and Hero to get together as a team with the way the tag division is building up.

    • jdl

      Nope, they weren't brought in to function as a tag team. They may pair them up at some point, but since they're not debuting together, that's obviously not in the cards for right now. Which is a shame, as they're an amazing team.

    • Brick

      whose claudio and hero?

      • dave c

        claudio castignolli (sorry if i spelled his last name wrong) and chris hero, 2 of the forefathers of indy wrestling. They wrestled in almost every indy promotion in the us and they had a very successful tag team called the kings of wrestling K.O.W. for short

  • ZackPck


  • KingJamise

    Henry is taking alot of pins!

  • Ron

    Wow how did claudio get to TV before guys like Hero, Moxley, Black and Husky (with his new gimmick) I thought he’d be their much longer than them.

    • Brick

      whose hero, moxley and black?

      • Ron

        All three are Awesome on the Mic (except for Black) and can put on great matches better then most of the roster your accustomed to you'll be seeing a lot of them for years to come mabye look them up and find some of their great work before WWE

      • Dean

        he meant ohno, ambrose and rollins

      • XKonn247

        Dude. Just… Wow.

  • Just left the tapings, Bryan was really over with the chants! Missed both dark matches, no one cared about NXT or Superstars or O’Neill/Young…

    • Van

      does anybody care about them or any matches that aren't on RAW or Smackdown?

  • Aldo T

    So just to verify.. O'Neil and Young get called up and beat the Uso's.. And yet.. Reks and Hawkins are still on NXT?..

    I can Honestly say that this is bull.. Reks and Hawkins are an Awesome pair that could bring up the tag division given the right chance.

    • phase78

      @ Aldo..ikr..but WWE does not care about tag teams

  • chelu671

    Hawkins & Reks are already apart of the sd roster. They have been with the company for 5 & 4 years respectively. At least on NXT, they are apart of a storyline.

  • John Strunbull

    Just enough with this Hornswoggle over the Latino superstars sh*t. First Chavo Guerrero. Then Hunico? So much for the PG-Era pleasuring kids….

  • Van

    AJ is awesome!

  • Eddie Albert

    What's the name of the local indy wrestler whom Skip "Ryback" Sheffield destroyed during this week's edition of "SmackDown"?