*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Roanoke, Virginia

WWE is taping this week's Smackdown from the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia. Below are ongoing results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy)

* Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio ended in a no contest when the match broke down into a 4-way brawl. Officials then ran out to stop it.

* AJ b. Kaitlyn. AJ dominated the whole match. When AJ won, Daniel Bryan came out and said told her that when he wins the WWE Title, he's moving on to Kaitlyn.

* Daniel Bryan b. The Big Show when John Laurinaitis announced him as the winner. Laurinaitis stopped the match and announced that Show had tapped out. Laurinaitis then ordered Big Show to apologize to him once again.

* Ryback b. Heath Slater in a squash. Before the match, Slater cut a promo on Ryback.

* Antonio Cesaro b. Alex Riley. Aksana accompanied Cesaro to the ring and Teddy Long acted as ring announcer. After the match, Cesaro and Aksana kissed in front of Long once again.

* Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio ended in a no contest. Ricardo Rodriguez attacked Orton before the bell rang, but Orton hit an RKO on him as he attempted a cross-body from the top rope. Del Rio then got involved and applied the cross armbreaker to Orton.

* R-Truth  b. Jack Swagger. Kofi Kingston was ringside, as well as Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero.

* Titus O'Neil & Darren Young b. Zack Ryder & Santino Marella

* Matt Striker interviewed Damien Sandow about why he didn't compete against Derrick Bateman last week.

* Brodus Clay b. Hunico w/ Camacho

* Sheamus b. Chris Jericho by disqualification when Alberto Del Rio interfered. This led to Randy Orton coming out and, along with Sheamus, attacking Del Rio. Jericho escaped up the ramp as Orton and Sheamus stared each other down to end the show.

  • David

    Orton is gonna win at over the limit comment if you agree or not

    • Matt Scott

      God I hate people who say "comment back". It's like you're begging for somebody to give you attention.

    • Anand

      I dont think so. Sheamus will retain the title and maybe start a feud with Orton or Jericho for the WHC

    • Terra Ryzing

      I don't think i've ever seen that many negative posts.

  • Christ 4 Life

    WWE should do something with Laurinaitis before I and maybe other people stop watching!

    • Anand

      This Laurinitis character is becoming kind of unbearable. Vince was even worse but he had that charisma that made people wanna see what he was upto in terms of punishing people who crossed him. Laurinitis is simply boring. Am gonna wait until the OTL ppv. If Cena kicks Johnny's rearside and punishes him and then Trip comes back to fire him or put him in his place. That would be a nice way to go đŸ™‚

    • joy

      U r 110 per cent RIGHT ! the " heel " act can it go so far.. HE IS so overly AGGRAVATEING that since he won over Teddy Long and is on both shows I read the "spoilers" to avoid watching the shows that I previously loved so much. I have several friends that feel the same.

    • Mark123ac

      I completely agree. I have no problem with a "heel" character if they are entertaining but his character is totally boring, its the same stuff every week and to put John Cena in a match with him after facing the rock and brock lesnar is one of the dumbest things they have done in years. Hopefully he gets fired after this PPV, but I wont count on it.

  • rob

    Sheamus retains. But I would like for jericho to win at OTL

  • Hunter

    Are you 5 years old? Laurinaitis is one of the only good things going in the WWE now.

    • Rick

      Are you 4 years old? Laurinaitis is the one of the worst things ever to happen to wwe since it went pg.

    • BigMike

      what are u NUITS? Johnny Ace is only there because of his brother and his asskissing abilities and he SUX!!! the only thing worse than Ace is Michael Cole!! Cole simply sux at his job and ace just cannot sound even remotely believeable or even carttonishly over the top he just does not work UGH!!!! when I see him and Cole I simply do not watch and I read about it so I dont have to see or hear them

  • harry

    randy orton will not win at OTL because he must be drafted to raw and win wwe championship…. sheamus will some how retain the title

    • Anand

      I have the same feeling about Sheamus retaining the title. He has just won the title at WM and has successfully defended it in a gruelling match against D-Bry. So, maybe they will work a feud angle between Orton & Sheamus and make Orton the heel (which I personally love cos Orton makes a 10 times better heel than he is a face)

      That rivalry between sheamus and randy would lighten up the smackdown show I guess…

      • Rick

        They have already had orton vs Sheamus feud and not even a hell in a cell match could make that a good feud they are better partners then rivals

      • Taylor

        They have already done Sheamus v. Randy Orton twice (RR 2010 and HIAC 2010), and neither match was that good. They are just are two guys that don't mesh well together.

      • High

        No smackdown stinks anyway

  • Dan

    Orton is my favorite wrestler but I disagree with him being in this match. I thought it should be rko vs punk for title since they had such a great match at last yrs mania. I feel that dbry vs punk should be a mania match but since it's not and they are wrestling for the title. I think Jericho vs orton feud should happen instead of fatal four way. Orton vs Jericho has great potential it u ask me and I think Jericho and orton could help each other. But hey I don't write this stuff. What do I know right? Haha

    • Matt Scott

      "I think Jericho and Orton should feud" "I think jericho and Orton should help each other" … What!?

    • Anand

      Orton has stayed away from the title picture for very long. For a man of his class, he needs to be in the title feud. If not the champ, he must atleast be chasing the title. He can help elevate the status of up-coming stars like sheamus. Imagine what defeating orton would do to Sheamus's career? On the contrary think what it does to Jericho? Simply Nothing.

    • Chris

      I've been hoping they would add a gimmick to the Danielson/Punk match, I think an Iron Man match would fit the "Over The Limit" concept. Just imagine, the 2 best today, having an hour on PPV to work. After having seen their work together already, that couod give Undertaker and Trips in a cell a run for it's money.

  • thatguy

    really seems like no one wants to put anyone over or put anyone over clean.

  • Skeeber04

    We may or may not like Laurinitis,but we want to see what John will say next.Just like how he made the fatal four match with sheamus,Jericho,orton,and del rio.

    • Kleck

      I'm sorry Skeeber, not many fan are not interested in hearing what what the John Laurinatis character has to say week to week. He doesnt say anything new but just the stale trash week in and week out. I think Trip echoed the entire WWE universe when he told Johnny Ace to shut up. He drones on and on weekly usually botching one or two spots in the segment. It's old and his character really adds absolutely nothing to Raw or Smackdown.

  • lee

    They need to make smackdown better each week it gets alot worst than last week

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    Paul Heyman has just screwed every ECW fan by signing with WWE after saying that WWE had killed the only remaining legacy of ECW

  • Neil


  • Shaquille O'Neal

    You IWC nerd complain about EVERYTHING. The WWE is at its best point since 07 and yet you people are complaining. Just shut up and enjoy.

  • Amber

    I want the power thirsty Laurinaitis-Otunga-Torres combo to terrorize the crap out of the roster for the next 6 months or so and then have some one step up (other than the overrated Punk, Cena, and Orton) may be Undertaker or a returning Kharma or Barrett. I agree that Laurinaitis reign is better than the anonymous GM, but nothing can beat the Stephanie McMahon Hemsley's first terror reign! Yes, Laurinatis, Brock, and Tensai are the only good thing going on for WWE atm. Fuck the funkasarus, I want him squashed by Tensai and the Funkettes should be funked by Sakamoto.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Barrett is a heel and the undertaker can only do one match a year at this point so neither of those would work. Clown Shoes and Snore Tensai are definitely NOT in the positive column in the WWE right now.

  • Brandon

    Where's Kane? He's a SmackDown! superstar right?

  • stoney

    There's always a tag match on smackdown

  • H.M.

    So Ryback seems to be moving on to more credible opponents. Not saying much but Slaters a big jump from the local little jobber.

  • Gizzer

    It's sad seeing Alex Riley jobbing

  • billy

    sheamus is so boring same with del rio and orton

    • Christ 4 Life

      Then why do you watch it? Also, are you crazy?!

  • #1 Awesome One

    This has to be one of the most boring SmackDown!s in the history of SD! Ryback vs. Brodus Clay for the next smackdown show! That will be a match!

  • dani

    all i see out of wwe is that bullies do get what they want i'm so tired of that new GM i haven't watched wwe in 3weeks cause of him