*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Seattle, Washington

WWE is taping this week’s Smackdown tonight from KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. Below are full results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy)

* Sheamus opens the show with a promo on Daniel Bryan, calling him a conceited champion, but he is quickly interrupted by Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler says that he deserves to be main eventing WrestleMania. This brings out Teddy Long, who makes Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler the official opening bout.

* Sheamus b. Dolph Ziggler

* John Laurinaitis demands an apology from Teddy Long after Long pushed him down on Raw. Long instead brings up that they will be switching brands next week, and since he's still in control, he puts Mark Henry in a match with The Big Show later tonight.

* Santino Marella b. Heath Slater with the Cobra.

* Eve b. Natalya

* Cody Rhodes cuts a promo on The Big Show. Show eventually comes out and Rhodes runs away through the crowd. Show tries to coax Rhodes back into the ring, but he wouldn't, so Show chases him. Show gets stopped by Teddy Long, who makes Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship official at WrestleMania XXVIII. Mark Henry then came out for his match with Big Show.

* The Big Show b. Mark Henry with the WMD.

* Teddy Long books David Otunga vs. The Big Show for this week's Raw, then speaks with Drew McIntyre. He tells him that he either wins tonight or he is fired.

* Justin Gabriel b. Drew McIntyre with the 450 Splash. Teddy Long then appeared on the TitanTron and fired McIntyre.

* Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring with AJ for a promo. He reminds the crowd that he is from Aberdeen, Washington, not too far from Seattle, but he moved to Las Vegas as soon as he could. He continued garnering cheap heat until Randy Orton came out for their match.

* Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton ended when Orton began to gain momentum and Bryan tried to leave with AJ. Orton ran after him and Kane's pyro went off. Bryan and AJ escaped as Kane began fighting with Orton. Kane chokeslammed Orton, grabbed a mic, and said "Welcome back" to end the show.

  • jonathon212

    and the burial of ziggler continues…..ziggler , barrett, and henry have been booked so poorly in the past month . what is wwe doing to these guys ? very disappointed

    • Bault16

      They have no idea how to run a company! Nobody should ever lose!!

    • jdl

      It's not burial. It's perfectly acceptable to lose to someone in the middle of a push towards a championship feud. Ziggler is still in the same place he was before losing to Sheamus, it doesn't hurt him to lose to Smackdown's main event challenger for Mania.

    • havoc525

      You nailed it. I mean, nobody has EVER lost matches before and remained “elevated.” It’s not like a current.WWE champion had a 1 year stretch of losing on every single PPV before getting his current, massive, push. I mean c’mon, Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Bret Hart, Savage, Austin, Hogan, and The Rock never lost matches. “One month” of losing might as well say “wish you well in your future endeavors.”

  • iamjohnnymcb

    why do i have a bad feeling that mcintyre is going to represent laurinitis at wrestlemania?

    • chriz

      and will win the match for him…

    • TheDave

      Exactly what I thought. Laurinitis hires him back next week.

    • H.M.

      How is that a 'bad' thing? That's actually a brilliant idea.

      • iamjohnnymcb

        i didnt say its a bad thing, i just said its a bad feeling

    • and win it for him

    • Dustyn

      I think Laurinitis will re-hire Drew next week, and looks like it could be Kane vs Orton, seeing as there isn't anything else really going on right now for them.

    • tom

      nah Long is going to have the Wrestlemania match won and then McIntyre will come out and interfere. He'll get a lot more heat that way.

  • Jay

    God, Kane vs Orton?

    I was hoping for a Christian comeback and for Christian to go over at WM :/

    • H.M.

      Christian vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan perhaps? Sheamus/Christian groundwork was laid. Christian can weasel his way into their title match making it a 3 way. Major plus for Mania IMO.

  • Alejandro

    Kane vs Orton at Wrestlemania?Alright,I can dig it.I’m glad the World Heavyweight Title match will stay just between Sheamus and D-Bryan.And McIntyre being “fired” iis probably going somewhere too.

  • Vince

    Kane vs orton at wrestlemania ??

  • H.M.

    Kane vs Orton??? Sounds good to me…long as Kane goes over in this one.

  • Charmen

    Smackdown sucks!

  • keagan

    kane vs orton at wrestlemania? did not see that coming…

  • So Kane seems to be the go between guy for wrestlers who don't have a story at the moment.

  • Joe

    Didn’t they just give Drew a gimmick change like two weekends ago at the house shows? So what’s the deal on that? And why is Kane back on SD! Attacking Orton if he just went and destroyed the triple threat tag match on Monday? A little bit confused here. Oh and I hope Rhodes loses at WM28 so he can get a push into the World Championship scene.

    • tom

      Nah Rhodes would need to win at Wrestlemania and then drop the belt after

      • Frank The Tank

        Or Rhodes retains and challenges/wins the WHC

  • Chris

    Thumbs up if you never want to see Mark Henry vs. Big Show again….

  • AJG316

    Awww man it's finally over DREW MCINTYRE HAS FINALLY BEEN FIRED #impattient also I was wondering what John larengitis would do with McIntyre when he and teddy wild do the old switcharoo

  • Tyler

    Kane’s back on SmackDown? That’s awesome

  • JasonGaza

    Perfect Plan!!!! Kane vs Orton at WM28 Is a veryyy good idea! So now Sheamus and Daniel can keep rolling but stars like Kofi, Miz, Ziggler, and R-Truth are still misssing a match.

    • eurosario

      Miz and Ziggler will be on team Ace while Kofi and Truth will be on team Long.

      • Gary

        Theres always the dark match Battle Royal for them. Its the best Miz and Kofi deserve anyway.

  • Emmanster

    First John Cena now Randy Orton what’s next for Kane?

    • havoc525

      The Rock, of course…

    • dave c


  • JohnnyEnglish

    What are the plans for Kane? Is he always gonna fight the top names in the WWE? He had a short feud with Cena but nothing really special happened except for Ryder and now he will feud with Orton? I think it will be great for the battle of the brands Kane from Raw and Orton from SD.

  • Energizer

    I think Smackdown is way better than Raw because Raw is just so boring in my opinion and as for Smackdown I’ve got no problem with the show pushing midcarders and becoming future World Champions just like Cody Rhodes.

    • Ray

      You do realize that smackdown is 25% Raw Recap right?

  • FactionZer0

    Things they did right: Make Kane look like a total badass and chokeslam Orton.

    Things they did wrong: Henry, Ziggler and McIntyre.

    • XKonn247

      You mean in your opinion?

  • Angel

    So I guess Johnny ace team. Drew otunga Christian ziggler ADR miz. Vs team long. Santino Ryder? (hopefully) truth kofi and two other faces. I’ll take that as a show opener

    • XKonn247

      Unless Ryder goes heel as is kind of expected ATM.

  • Willie

    They need to put kofi,miz,ziggler,truth,drew,christian in a Mitb match!!!!!!!!

  • Aly

    Watch Laurinatis hire Mcintyre back when he takes control of Smackdown next week. -.-
    I'm calling it.

  • Moe

    Eve beat Natalya? Give me a break!

  • I was at Yesterday’s event.When I was seeing Orton vs Bryan I saw Kanes pyro and I was all like WOAH!!!

    • A person

      I know right

  • Josh

    I see Team Laurinaitis being Otunga, Del Rio, Henry, Christian, Miz, and McIntyre, with Team Long being Santino, Kofi, R Truth, Rey Mysterio, Ryder, and how cool would it be if Mick Foley made a cameo to fill out Teddy Long's team (They always seemed to get along on-screen, plus some "revenge" on Laurinaitis…)

    • Synyster

      I would agree but you have to wonder if some of these guys will be healed in time

    • Mr. E.O.

      If Del Rio's groin injury had healed that is.

  • Welcome back, LoL. Kane please remember who you truly really are and crush Orton at this year's Wrestlemania. Of course it, won't happen because the company is only for the kids now.

  • Michael

    mcintyre surely will be reinstated on next week's smackdown by laurinaitis

  • Pacman007

    It’s Gonna Be Orton vs Kane At Wrestelmania It Was Advertises At A Wrestlemania Revenge Tour So Most Likely They Will Face Each Other At Mania