*Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results From Toledo, Ohio

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WWE taped this week’s Smackdown tonight from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. Below are full results:

Smackdown (Airing Friday on SyFy)

* Sheamus b. Daniel Bryan by disqualification when Alberto Del Rio interfered and applied an armbar to Sheamus.

* Kofi Kingston & R-Truth b. Hunico & Camacho. Epico & Primo, along with Rosa Mendes & Abraham Washington watched from the stage.

* Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger by disqualification when Dolph Ziggler interfered. Ziggler then took a headbutt and the heels retreated.

* Damien Sandow comes out for his debut match against Derrick Bateman. Sandow insults the live crowd and says that he refuses to fight an ignoramus and leaves. Ryback is his replacement.

* Ryback b. Derrick Bateman in a squash match.

* Randy Orton & The Big Show b. Kane & Cody Rhodes. Show got the pin after hitting Cody with the WMD.

* Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger by countout in what was likely a reshoot of their previous match.

* In a backstage segment, Eve orders Teddy Long to apply oil to Antonio Cesaro.

* In another segment, AJ starts apologizing to Kaitlyn but ends up slapping her again.

* Layla b. Natalya in a non-title match.

* Sheamus b. Daniel Bryan with a Brogue Kick after Bryan jumped from the top turnbuckle. Sheamus' arm was bandaged due to Del Rio's assault earlier on the show. Alberto Del Rio was ringside and attempted to interfere during the match.

  • Brandon

    Ryback should be given a competition. Right now, squashes won't do wonder for a man who've squashed a lot of guys. Give him a feud, WWE.

    • anandvkumar

      Its kinda getting boring with so many new comers, each of them given a squash match every week. We all get the fact that these guys are the unstoppable powerhouses that you are trying to build up…

      Now, get over it and give them proper opposition to really establish themselves. Defeating a weak looking kid every week doesnt look so great for Ryback esp when done every week…

  • xChristenLynnx

    wait why is there Brodus Clay vs Jack Swagger twice?

    • Razmos01

      It says a re-tape dummy, meaning the earlier match was to bad to air on tv. Its pre-taped remember!!!!

    • Nick

      Read the spoilers again. * Brodus Clay b. Jack Swagger by countout in what was likely a reshoot of their previous match. Likely a reshoot of their previous match.

  • Vince

    Before i refreshed the page it was sheamus vs d-bryan and now its gone and it was a divas match

  • Christ 4 Life

    What's with the repeats?

  • Guest

    Bad smack down

    • Kleck

      Aren’t they all?

  • Dangerous Lee

    Lol at Teddy forced to apply oil onto cesaro when he doesn’t even have a match

  • Karl

    I always laugh when I see the name “Ryback”. Way too funny to take him serious. Lol.

  • Ross

    This looks like an extremely poor show

  • Hunter

    So they had to reshoot two matches? Teddy long get more and more humiliated every week lmao

  • H.M.

    Another tag team in Hunico and Camacho? Sounds legit. I'm happy with where they seem to be heading with Primo/Epico. Then we have the Usos and (hopefully) Kidd/Gabriel.

    Sandow looks to be interesting and, hey at least Derrick Bateman is a step up from the usual tiny local jobber.

  • Next week Teddy Long is ordered to clip the hair from The Great Khali's balls…..

    • Christ 4 Life

      Wow, your stupid

      • Obviously I am as I don't see how a tongue in cheek comment could be classed as stupid.

  • Booth

    Is it me or is the whole Teddy Long thing a touch racist and against the anti-bullying and Be A Star ethos of WWE!

    • Brody


    • Christ 4 Life

      it isn't just you!

    • Chris

      Says more about you than it does the WWE writers if you jump straight to racism. The colour of Teddy’s skin has nothing to do with the story.

  • I’d also like to add how happy I was to see Cody Rhodes actually win claleny in something. I’m new to this wrestling thing. I only got into it because Best and Worst is amazing to read and I basically only know three things about WWE. John Cena could be nuked and would manage to get up, jump a couple miles into the sky and do the Attitude Adjustment to the B-52 Stratofortress kind of like this . Dolph Ziggler is amazing and could make getting hit by a Nerf dart look like getting hit by a .50 cal. Finally, Cody Rhodes is great and deserves to be elevated to the next level of stardom.