*Spoilers* TNA 10 "One Night Only" PPV Taping Results

TNA taped their TNA 10 "One Night Only" pay-per-view on Sunday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following tapings results:

TNA 10

* Kenny King defeated Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams. Petey hit Sonjay with the Canadian Destroyer then KK came in and hit Petey with the Royal Flush and pinned Petey.

* Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim via In Yo Face.

* Matt Morgan won a Gauntlet Battle Royal.

1) Johnny Devine
2) Shark Boy
3) Chase Stevens
4) Cassidy Riley
5) Robbie E
6) Jessie Godderz
7) Matt Morgan
8) Mr. Anderson
9) Johnny Swinger
10) Joseph Park

1) Johnny Devine (by Shark Boy)
2) Cassidy Riley (by Jessie and Robbie E)
3) Chase Stevens (by Matt Morgan)
4) Robbie E (by Matt Morgan)
5) Jessie Goddarz (by Matt Morgan)
6) Johnny Swinger (by Mr Anderson)
7) Shark Boy (by Matt Morgan)
8) Mr. Anderson (by Joseph Park)
9) Joseph Park (by Matt Morgan)

NOTE: Before Devine was eliminated he attempted moonsault off the ropes and crashed on his head pretty badly. No idea on his condition but he was eliminated very quickly by Shark Boy after it happened.

* Aces & 8's Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon) defeated LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) and Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) after a 3D on Homicide. Homicide went for a top rope ace crusher on Daniels but Devon made a blind tag so the cover wasn't legal after and 3D hit a 3D on Homicide for the win.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries via Small Package.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm via feet on the ropes after blocking a codebreaker attempt from Storm.

* Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe via Angle Slam.

  • Brian in Toledo

    Why does TNA keep booking Joe under others. He showed at the PPV he still knows how to get over as a credible badass with the crowd. They could still get use out of him as a top draw with the right opponents, but he’s always doing jobs. Why does Angle need to go over?

    • Popped A Molly Im Sweatin

      Because Kurt Angle is the Best In The World!!!!!

  • coolkdd1

    Where was jeff jarrett and sting.