*Spoilers* TNA Hardcore Justice 2 Premieres Friday, Full Taping Results

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TNA's next One Night Only pay-per-view, Hardcore Justice 2, premieres on pay-per-view on Friday. The show was taped back in March from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full taping results written by Wrestling News World Florida correspondent Scott Brooks:

TNA Hardcore Justice 2 (Premiering Friday on PPV):

* Homicide & Hernandez defeated The New Church (Slash & Sinn) in a street fight.

* ODB defeated Jackie Moore via TKO in another street fight type match.

* Bad Influence defeated Young Bucks/Generation Me in a Ladder Match.

* James Storm, Magnus & Hardcore Holly defeated DOC, Knox & Wes Brisco in a hardcore elimination match.  Prior to the match Storm cut a promo revealing Hardcore Holly as their partner.

Holly eliminates Knox via Alabama Slam.
Wes eliminates Holly via roll-up.
Magnus eliminates Wes via Michinoku Driver.
DOC eliminates Magnus.
Storm eliminated DOC via Last Call.

* In a Hardcore Gauntlet Battle Royal, Shark Boy won. The rules were entrants could bring one weapon to the ring.

1) Devon Storm
2) Little Guido
3) Crimson
4) Sam Shaw
5) Johnny Swinger
6) Funaki
7) Gunner
8) 2 Cold Scorpio
9) Shark Boy

1) Johnny Swinger by Guido
2) Devon Storm
3) Little Guido
4) Sam Shaw by Scorpio
5) Funaki by Scorpio and Shark Boy
6) 2 Cold Scorpio by Gunner and Crimson
7) Crimson
8) Gunner

* In a Monster's Ball Match, Joseph Park defeated Judas Mesias w/Jim Mitchell following a Black Hole Slam after being out into his "Abyss-trance " from bleeding. He went to chokeslam Mitchell after but woke up from his trance before he chokeslammed him.

* In a Tables Match, Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt defeated Team 3D when Jeff Hardy put Devon through a table via middle rope splash.  Prior to the match, Ray said he had an open challenge and Runt accepted who came out and said he had a partner and announced Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy and Runt then celebrated with the fans after the match.

  • Kenneth

    I see Judas Mesias’ name on there. Was this taped back in March 2013 or March 2007???

    How are these pre-taped PPV’s working out for TNA by the way? Are they profitable? I’d completely forgotten they were doing that until now.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Granted, TNA doesn’t release their financials so I don’t know for sure, but with the fact that they taped them in the former Impact Zone and are budget priced, if they are making 10-20k buys then they are surely turning a profit.

  • Robert Olley

    Good to see the young bucks are on. The main problem is you got talent that was released last week on a ppv that hasnt aired tna need to think things through better