*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For August 22, 2013

TNA taped next week's episode of Impact Wrestling Thursday night from Norfolk, Virginia. Below are full taping results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday, August 22, 2013):

* The show opens with Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian coming to the ring. Roode says new TNA Champion Bully Ray is a marked man. It didn't take long for Gunner and James Storm to interrupt, which setup…

* Bobby Roode & Kazarian b. TNA Tag Team Champions Gunner & James Storm in a non-title match. The finish saw Roode deliver a low blow on Storm.

* Manik b. Sonjay Dutt

* What started out as Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez in a street fight was changed to Bradley vs. Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park. Park went over in a match that involved kendo sticks and trash cans.

* TNA Champion Bully Ray came out to talk about recapturing the title. Tito Ortiz boasted about turning on Rampage Jackson and the Main Event Mafia. Brooke Hogan's music hit but it was Miss Tessmacher that came out. She and Bully made out to end the segment.

* Gail Kim b. ODB

* Up next was the Main Event Mafia vs. Aces & 8s with the loser getting "fired." TNA Champion Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz & Miss Tessmacher watched from the ramp. AJ Styles' music hit, he stared down Bully Ray, then his old music hit. Styles aligned with the Main Event Mafia and pinned Devon to win the match. Devon is now "fired."

TNA Xplosion:

* Christopher Daniels b. Jay Bradley

* Jay Bradley b. Joseph Park in a Bound for Glory Series match

  • Geoffrey McNeffrey

    How on Earth does this MEM vs A&8s storyline make any sense? AJ Styles the ‘lone wolf’ sides with the faces for no real reason whatsoever…

    Ms Tessmacher now in the A&8s?

    Maybe it’ll make more sense once I watch it.

    • LBP365

      Even know I like AJ change u r right the storyline didn’t make sense but, if i said it before TNA can not put two good shows together.

  • Stephen

    Poor AJ, the guy finally had a new refreshing character to play and they go and switch things once again… I shouldn’t be surprised, this is a typical TNA move.

    • LBP365

      Well I think it’s a good move cause you have the likeable bad guy in Rhoode now u have the very likeable good guy Rhoode vs Style/ Rhoode vs Magnus/ Rhoode vs James Storm in another words Rhoode your true face of TNA.

  • LBP365

    Devon fired I guess I was wrong but, I think and I could be wrong but, could they make there final WWE return to retire?

    • Koolaid

      He’s not actually fired he was a wrestler and a agent when DLO got fired and now hes got wrote off to be a agent most likely.

  • Justice4All

    AJ aligning himself with MEM was bound to happen. The idiots running TNA clearly don’t know what to do with his character. As for Devon getting ‘fired’ really makes no sense and is another is nothing more than another anticlimactic outcome but they can keep both Garrett and Wes who can barely wrestle are still going to be on tv every week? That comment Nash made about TNA having no direction isn’t so far fetched. Who runs TNA? A barrel of monkey’s?

  • Chris

    I’m seriously TRYING to get into TNA, I really am, but shit like this makes is REAL difficult. Seriously, what’s the point, where’s the psychology here? Was D’von the planned departure all along, or was it a “well we put our foot in our mouth now” scenario? Adding Jackson I could live with, adding Ortiz somewhat annoyed me, having the typical “I will join you, only to turn on you” storyline was pathetic, and now you drop a somewhat compelling gimmick, the face of the company caring only about himself (just like Sting with the NWO), and you just drop it to put him with a rehashed gimmick? This company NEEDS real management.

  • Stoney

    Way to completely kill AJs character

  • jjenkins

    AJ joining is their way of covering for kurt, and devon is just getting written off so he can take d lo spot behind the scene

  • Johnny

    As usual, the only word that makes sense in TNA is senseless, and nonsense. Now Tesmacher is with bully. Why? At least build it up. Now AJ has to break character and without any reason he is part of the mafia. Why? Because they need a fifth guy, so basically he needs to end his lone wolf storyline and just become AJ again.

    I write because it is sad to see them sinking so badly when WWE would do a lot more with them if the fans demanded it.

  • Corey Culver

    I’ll admit that TNA may be going down hill a little but I want to say that it’s better than WWE’s PG rated crap. Honestly though TNA still has shots of going back up in the right direction but the company just has to see it.

  • _JIM_

    I called Devon as soon as thuis match was announced. Also saw the Tito heel turn coming a mile away also. I mean why would Bully come out on last weeks Impact just to talk smack on Tito out of nowhere? Tito’s over the top reaction didn’t sell me either. Though i’m still sticking with Tito could be a bad ass heel. He’s just so easy to dislike. Always has been. So even though I saw it coming I think it was the right move.

  • Taylor Whitehead

    If i was running the shown i would have played the card this way, MEM vs A’s& 8’s if one of the members of MEM was pinned the would be fired on the spot but if one of the A’s & 8’s was pinned bully would have to choose who he would like to be fired. then when A’s & 8’s where back on top MEM make a massive surprise and bring in the fired member of the A’s & 8’s which could carry on the battle between the two teams. But as everyone is asking why AJ Styles ive always thought that it was a bit strange the whole ‘Lone Wolf’ stuff but now that there is an alliance between roode, daniels and kaz who better to a line them selves with MEM members joe and magnus then a person that hates the A’s & 8’s and them three after all they have all put aj into that mindset