*Spoilers* TNA Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament (1/12/13) - Orlando, Florida

TNA taped the "Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament" as part of their "One Night Only" pay-per-view series Saturday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending in the following report:

TNA One Night Only - Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament:

* Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash are in the ring with a lottery ball type setup. The first name is James Storm. His partner is Christian York. Their opponents are Crimson & Gunner.

* James Storm & Christian York defeated Gunner & Crimson via Last Call by Storm on Gunner.

* They did the wheel process again.  Jessie Godderz & Mr. Anderson vs Douglas Williams & Kid Kash.

* Jessie Godderz & Mr. Anderson defeated Douglas Williams & Kid Kash. Anderson & Goddarz were not getting along during the match and resulted in Anderson laying out Goddarz with the Mic Check. Despite this, Anderson was still able to roll up Kash for the win.

Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels vs Chavo Guerrero & Rob Van Dam.

* Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels defeated Rob Van Dam & Chavo Guerrero via Muscle Buster by Joe on RVD.

* They did the wheel deal again. Robbie E & Zema Ion vs Bobby Roode & Joseph Park.  Before the match, Joseph Park told Roode that they should be called Law & Order, which Roode thought was very stupid and told him to stay out of the way.

* Joseph Park & Bobby Roode defeated Robbie E & Zema Ion. Park got his mouth busted open and went into "Abyss mode" and laid out Zema and hit the Black Hole Slam on Robbie. Bobby made a blind tag and stole the win.

* Spin the wheel and it is Hernandez & Alex Silva vs DOC and Devon.

* DOC & Devon defeated Hernandez & Alex Silva when DOC chokeslammed Silva for the pin

* The last match is Robbie T & Matt Morgan vs Joey Ryan and Al Snow.

* Matt Morgan & Robbie T defeated Joey Ryan & Al Snow. Story of the later half of the match was Snow and Robbie trying to get Joey and Morgan tagged in. Joey told Morgan to lay down for the pin but Morgan wouldn't. When he turned his back, Joey tried attacking him to no avail and ate a Carbon Footprint for his troubles.

* James Storm won the gauntlet match. It is over the top rope rules. A new wrestler enters every two minutes.

Order of entry

  1. James Storm.
  2. Bobby Roode
  3. Devon
  4. DOC
  5. Jesse Goddarz
  6. Christian York
  7. Joseph Park
  8. Mr. Anderson
  9. Christopher Daniels
  10. Samoa Joe
  11. Robbie T
  12. Matt Morgan

Order of elimination

  1. DOC (via double clothesline by Roode and Storm)
  2. Jesse (by Joe Park)
  3. Christian York (by Robbie T)
  4. Christopher Daniels (by Robbie T)
  5. Mr. Anderson (by Robbie T)
  6. Joseph Park (by Matt Morgan)
  7. Samoa Joe (by Matt Morgan)
  8. Robbie T (by Matt Morgan)
  9. Matt Morgan (by James Storm)
  10. Devon (by James Storm)
  11. Bobby Roode (by James Storm)

When it came down to DevonStorm, Roode, Mike Knox came out and pulled Roode through the middle rope and tried to help Devon screw over Storm to no avail. Roode tried to take advantage of Storm but took a Codebreaker and a Last Call super kick to be the final elimination and this Storm won the gauntlet.

  • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

    Sounds horrible

  • Nik

    While I’d rather put it more eloquently than my fellow commenter, I pointed out days ago that this was a real gamble from TNA and if this is the best they can do, then even the casual fans such as I need to start worrying. It seems like a case of putting everyone on the roster on the screen and hoping something sticks. As soon as I clicked on the article I thought ‘I bet James Storm wins’. I follow TNA only by the reviews here on WNW, but if even I can see that coming then they need something new.

  • Cody Zeller

    I don’t have a problem with Storm winning, I just don’t really understand what the hell was going on here. The random teams in totally random matches that qualify you for a gauntlet that is basically a Royal Rumble? I realize these will only cost $15 bucks but I’m not staying in on a Friday night for an event like this.

  • DownwardSpiral69

    …Wait……..Didn’t they do this before in WCW…………It was called the Lethal Lottery.

  • Fail

    Was thinking the same WCW did this and it turned out better then what ever TNA is doing

  • Chris Corkhill

    Is anybody actually going to pay for a taped event like this really? This is up there with the worst wrestling company’s ideas