*Spoilers* TNA Knockouts Knockdown "One Night Only" PPV Results

TNA taped their Knockouts Knockdown pay-per-view on Sunday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following tapings results:

TNA Knockouts Knockdown

The show will apparently air in May.

They announced that there would be matches with the winners going to a battle royal later to be crowned the Queen of the Knockouts.

* Gail Kim defeated Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa) via Eat Defeat.

* Lei'd Tapa defeated Ivelisse after countering her Guillotine Choke into a side slam.

* Tara w/Jessie Godderz defeated Mia Yim via Widow's Peak.

* Brooke Tessmacher defeated Santana Garrett via the Tess-Shocker.

* ODB defeated Trinity via TKO.

* Jackie Moore (Jacqueline) defeated Taryn Tarrell.

* Hannah Blossom defeated Sojo Bolt and Taeler Hendrix in a triple threat match via a bicycle kick on Taeler. She and Sojo tried to double team on Hannah throughout the match but everything eventually broke down.

* Velvet Sky defeated Jillian Hall via In Yo Face.

* Mickie James defeated Serena Deeb via Mickie DDT.

Battle Royal
Rules were wrestlers entered every two minutes. Over the rooe eliminations but the final two face off in a match.

Gail Kim won the match to become the "Queen of the Knockouts."

1) Hannah Blossom
2) Gail Kim
3) Lei'd Tapa
4) Tara
5) Mickie James
6) Brooke Tessmacher
7) Jackie Moore
8) ODB
9) Velvet Sky

1) Hannah Blossom
2) Lei'd Tapa
3) Jackie
4) ODB
5) Velvet
6) Tessmacher
7) Tara

When it came down to Gail and Mickie, Gail faked an injury and rolled up Mickie for the win.  Winner, Gail Kim

Madison Rayne then came out to the ring with a crown and put it on Gail's head. Gail forced Madison to leave the ring and posed for the crowd. Norah's interviewed her after the match.

Taryn Tarrell was the in ring photo op after the show.

Amber O'Neal and Daffney were in the crowd for the show holding up signs, including Daffney holding one saying "I'm here independently."  More info at this link.

For those that bought the PPV package, they got to meet Hannah Blossom, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Taeler Hendrix, and Mickie James.

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    Sounds great on paper. Wished Madison Rayne actually wrestled instead of handing a crown over.

    • She’s pregnant

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        I was going to correct my statement but it looks like you beat me to it. That makes a lot of sense. I wish her luck and hope everything works out. Family first!

  • Filming these ppvs so far in advance is pointless how will they incorporate injuries etc? Also why are they just gauntlet matches

    • At the end of all these povs

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      Nothing cuzz, dat bin good tv rite dere, dey hab dat tape to dun make sure dat them sheilas be makin dat koolaba in dere pockets

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    “Lei’d Tapa defeated Ivelisse after countering her Guillotine Choke into a side slam.”

    And who doubted me when I said that this would happen? Not the match finish, but the angle itself.