*Spoilers* TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament PPV Taping Results

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TNA Wrestling taped their World Heavyweight Title Tournament "One Night Only" pay-per-view Tuesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following taping results:

TNA World Heavyweight Title Tournament:

* James Storm defeated Mr. Anderson via Last Call.

* Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy via roll-up.

* Austin Aries defeated Kurt Angle via countering the Angle Slam into a roll-up with the tights.

* Bully Ray came out and cut a promo.

* James Storm defeated Bully Ray by DQ when Devon came out and attacked Storm. Devon then hit Storm's left arm with a hammer as Ray and Devon celebrated.

* Bobby Roode defeated Sting via making him tap to the Crossface.

* In a semifinal match, Samoa Joe made Austin Aries pass out to the choke to advance to the finals.

* In a semifinal match, Bobby Roode made James Storm tap to the Crossface. Storm at one point had the Last Call set up but Roode pulled the ref in the way and took advantage leading to the Crossface.

* At this point they filmed the Xplosion match. Crimson defeated Sam Shaw via Red Sky.

* In the finals, Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe via kicking off the turnbuckle to counter the choke to win the whole World Title Tournament.