*Spoilers* Two Names Make Their Return On Smackdown, Superstar's Return Date Revealed

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Booker T & Vickie Guerrero made their return to Smackdown this week. For complete details on what happened during their returns, click here for this week's spoilers.

In addition, it was announced that The Big Show will return on next week's Raw.

  • jdl

    Return? Regardless of whether or not Vickie was featured on Smackdown, she’s been on TV every week for months.

  • Tito Carlstrom

    Why do you people hate on Vickie?? what about Teddy Long?? he has been a boring GM. I don’t know why you people like Teddy so much. Give Guerrero chance and stop you whining.

    • Ben

      She’s been doing the same shtick for about five years now, yet somehow she seems to draw more and more heat as time passes. She’s one of the best heels in the business. Having said that, I wish they had put her with Ryback instead of making her the Smackdown GM. Booker was just fine in that position and Ryback really needs a mouthpiece/heat magnet. Vickie would be perfect.

  • thepowerserge

    Never really been a fan of either Teddy or Booker, but it took how long for Vickie to “come back?” Two weeks? Damn! She’s broken the record for “longest” time off TV. Was kind of hoping she’d take the Laurinitis route and stay off for a while, but NOOOO! Not hating on Vickie, just wishing they’d find another role for her on TV instead of taking a shortcut.