*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results From Omaha, Nebraska

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WWE taped this week’s WWE NXT tonight from the CenturyLink Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. Below are full results:

WWE NXT (Airing Wednesday on WWE.com)

* Titus O'Neil opened the show with an in-ring heel promo. Darren Young interrupts and claims that while he doesn't like Titus, he respects him. Percy Watson interrupts Young and Titus challenged Watson to a fight. Alex Riley then came out and teamed up with Percy to clear the ring of the heels in a short brawl. A tag team main event of Titus & Darren vs. Riley & Watson is announced.

* Tyson Kidd b. Trent Barreta

* Heath Slater comes to the ring to cut a promo. He replays his victory for the crowd before Derrick Bateman interrupts. Bateman talks about Slater's losing streak and a brawl ensues, which ends in Bateman dropkicking Slater out of the ring.

* Alicia Fox b. Maxine

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young b. Alex Riley & Percy Watson


    • Matt

      I’m going to have to agree for the love of God this show has been going on forever with just the three contestants, do they just not have enough in fcw to warrant another season? How is this season still going on?

  • herro

    how many eps has this season been going for because im bored of these people just hurry up an bring em to raw or smackdown

  • mick

    102 episodes i think it is a show now not like weeks anymore

  • WyFo

    I haven’t watched NXT in a few months. When did Titus turn heel?

    • Anjani Rathee

      Last episode