*Spoilers* WWE Raw Taping Results (7/29/13) - Laredo, Texas

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WWE taped next week’s WWE Raw tonight from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas. Below are full results:

WWE Raw (Airing on USA):

* Vince McMahon opens the show with an in-ring promo. He discusses the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan match at SummerSlam, and says that he wants a new champion, but one that isn't Bryan or Cena. Daniel Bryan interrupts and gets the crowd behind him in an effort to convince Vince that the fans want him as WWE Champion.

* The Shield b. Mark Henry & The Usos

* Rob Van Dam b. Fandango by countout. Fandango ran off when RVD went for the Five-Star Frog Splash.

* Kaitlyn b. AJ Lee in a non-title match.

* Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring for a promo. He mocks AJ Lee and says he wants to face Big E Langston tonight.

* Dolph Ziggler b. Big E Langston by disqualification when AJ Lee interfered.

* Christian b. Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match.

* Cody Rhodes b. Wade Barrett. After the match, Damien Sandow came out and cut a promo on Rhodes.

* Daniel Bryan b. Kane. After the match, Kane hit Bryan with a chokeslam. The Wyatt Family then came out and attacked Kane. Bray Wyatt cut a promo to end the segment.

* Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella b. Natalya

* Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman b. R-Truth. Prior to the match, Heyman cut a promo hyping up Axel. After the match, CM Punk ran out and attacked Axel. He then turned his attention to Heyman, but Heyman managed to escape.

* Backstage, Vince McMahon says that he would rather have someone like Triple H face John Cena at SummerSlam instead of Daniel Bryan. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon discuss the possibility of giving Bryan a "corporate makeover." Vince and Triple H ended up arguing about how to present Bryan.

* John Cena b. Ryback in a Tables match. After the match, Daniel Bryan came out and grabbed the WWE Championship. He acted as if he was presenting it to Cena, but pulled it back. Cena grabbed the belt from Bryan and they stared each other down to end the show.

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    • Chris

      You saw the show? How do you know it was boring?

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    Terrible ending and no big show…

    • Chris

      Aww you poor baby.

      • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy


  • Tim

    Horrible ending. How many times could you have the same ending in a row.

  • Rishano

    well.. looks like christian is gonna get ONE MORE MATCH!!!

  • Craig

    Maybe there gonna put Christian vs del rrrrrrrrrrrioiiiiooooo at Summerslam making Christian champ maybe he will retire tne belt and edge will interrupt the announcement leading to edge vs Christian at survivor series??

    • Loren Goldstein

      Yes, because Edge wants to come back and screw up his neck even further.

  • Dave Barton

    So Richard, why did they tape Raw?

    • Kerri

      Overseas tour. They tape ahead to cover the week they’ll be be gone. It’ll be back to normal first full week of August.

  • Aaron

    When was the last time RAW didn’t have a Sheamus appearance?

    • Patrick

      last week.

  • Scottyo614

    Spoilers sure do take a lot of fun out of things…