*Spoilers* WWE Saturday Morning Slam Taping Results From Austin, Texas

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WWE taped this week’s WWE Saturday Morning Slam tonight from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. Below are full results:

Dark Match:

* Alex Riley b. Jinder Mahal

WWE Saturday Morning Slam (Airing Saturday on The CW):

* Santino Marella and Josh Mathews come to the ringside area for commentary.

* Kofi Kingston b. Heath Slater with a flying crossbody.

  • smithmiester

    That’s it?

  • Austin

    Really?? THAT’S your first show. REALLY

  • Guest

    Wikipedia says the program doesn't launch until the 25th of August so I'm guessing they'll tape more later.

  • James

    Guys, its a half hour 1 match per show thing for kids. Dont get over excited

  • dusty588

    In a press release from las week, it stated that there will be one match per episode along with the Be A Star and other content. Also, each episode will be 30 minutes long.

  • _JIM_

    It’s only a half hour program people. So there really isn’t much more that they can do. Besides have 1 match that they are given a good amount of time for and a few different promos. That’s about all the time they’ll have.
    I find myself starting to almost feel bad for “The One Man Band”. Guy can’t even catch a win on a Sat morning show. Let alone RAW or Smackdown…

  • Dave Barton

    So Alex Riley beat the guy who’s been winning handicap matches lately. Really??