*Spoilers* WWE Superstars Taping Results From Hershey, Pennsylvania (Part 2)

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WWE taped the Smackdown portion of this week’s WWE Superstars tonight from the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Josh for sending in results. Below are full results:

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday on WWE.com)

* The Usos b. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Click here to view the Raw portion of this week's Superstars spoilers.

  • AJG316

    Another reason why the uso's should be in line for a tag Team title shot

  • the ox

    Usos are a great tag team its hard to believe they havent been tag champs yet

  • Wade

    So the numBer one contenders job to the lower card workers…. Wtf?

  • the rhino

    Why is alex riley being buried by wwe ge has a lot of potential and is forced to showcase it on superstars and nxt instead of raw and smackdown

  • Zikra

    wow this makes the tag team match more relevant by having the number one contenders loose to the usos very creative now i definitly know that r truth and kofi will retain

  • Lacellen McIlysh

    1 lousy stinking match? Not even worth the trouble to turn on the camera. And where the hell is Drew McIntyre? Some people may ask "who cares?" And to you I say this; He has fans, bunches and bunches of fans, this may come as a major shock to you people but not every wrestling fan is AUTOMATICALLY a Cena-Rock-Punk-Clay-Del Rio-Jericho-Orton-Marella or Ryder fans, in fact these people, with Triple H and that over rated wind-bag Brock Lesnar I don't even LIKE these idiots, Cena=overused, Rock=WAY over-rated, Punk-getting old, Clay=repulsive, Del Rio=bland, Jericho=boring, Orton=over-rated, Marella=RETARDED! Ryder=immature. Now Drew McIntyre (given the PROPER storyline and opportunity) is sexy, exciting, aggressive, WAY under-rated, WAY under-used, and in MY estimation, being prejudiced against.