Stables In The WWE Hall Of Fame, Lack Of Pure Wrestling, The Truth Behind The WWE Hall Of Fame, Who Makes The Wrestlemania Decision

What do you think of inducting stables into the WWE Hall of Fame? I'm against it and while I feel the Four Horseman are deserving, they are all equally worthy of being inducted individually. How can Ric Flair be inducted twice?

I am all for the induction of the Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall of Fame and think the stable should be honored as a whole. There are a lot of people deserving of the honor, however, the fact of the matter is not everyone deserving is going to get in. Inducting the stable together is a fun way to remember the best stable of all-time. Regarding Ric Flair going in twice, how can you induct the Horsemen without him? Also, what's the damage in putting him in a second time? If/when there is a physical WWE Hall of Fame to actually visit there is plenty to the Flair legacy to have a Flair singles area as well as a Four Horsemen area.

As a fan in my 30's I feel today's mainstream wrestling features less and less pure wrestling. What I mean by this is less technical maneuvers and feel this "old school" philosophy is reserved only for talent such as that of the X Division in TNA. What are your thoughts?

Pure technical wrestling is something that has always been reserved to small parts of mainstream pro wrestling such as the cruiserweight division or in TNA's case, the X Division. A lot of older and smarter fans are baffled by this because they don't understand why everyone would not want to see lengthy matches involving multiple hip tosses, suplexes and arm drags. The reason why this isn't the norm is because of the broad and diverse fan base that makes up mainstream pro wrestling. While it sounds bizarre, not everyone wants to see wrestling. Younger fans are captivated by the storylines and the look of certain performers. This is why I recommend promotions such as Ring of Honor to fans frustrated with the lack of wrestling in WWE and TNA because ROH is centered around satisfying fans hungry for wrestling.

Why won't Vince McMahon put Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame?

This time of year we are flooded with questions just like this as I can't tell you how many questions I see that go just like this - why isn't __________ in the WWE Hall of Fame? While a lot of people don't like to hear this, the WWE Hall of Fame is not a legitimate pro wrestling Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is a promotional mechanism to build on Wrestlemania excitement and cash in on the hundreds of thousands of fans that have traveled from all around the world to be there. Furthermore, Vince McMahon makes the final decision on all inductees. There are all types of underlying reasons as to why someone is given an induction. Mainly the company wants to induct someone they can cash in on by selling merchandise around that headliner. Given the fact WWE owns so much footage in their tape library; they can literally pick and choose who goes in based on who they want to develop a DVD project around. I'm sorry if this cheapens the WWE Hall of Fame for you, but it's the way it is. The reason Sting hasn't been inducted is obviously due to his contract with TNA and that limits the way they can promote him.  With all this being said, it's still an honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because it is the Hall of Fame of the world's largest pro wrestling promotion.

Who makes the final decision on where Wrestlemania will be held each year?

Vince McMahon makes the final decision where WWE will hold Wrestlemania each year. Politicians pitch their cities to WWE officials once the company makes the officials aware their city is on the radar. However, McMahon consults with other executives to determine where they feel the event would draw the best.

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  • Dan

    Almost every player from the original Dream Team is in the NBA Hall of Fame twice, so I dont get why so many people have lost their mind over Flair being in the WWE Hall twice.

    • outkazt09

      the original dream….man those were the days.

  • Alex

    I agreed with everything you said about the WWE Hall of Fame, Richard.

  • Andy

    Just for the sake of continuity I'd have liked to see the Four Horsemen inducted as a whole, yes, even including Mongo and Roma, and Malenko and Benoit (though that'll never happen), even Sid. I understand why it is as it is though.

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Sid? As in Sid Justice or Psycho Sid?

      • Big D


        • BollyMexCPhT

          Did not know that. Wow!!!

      • Andy

        Well, he was Sid Vicious then, but yes, him. I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, he got canned after attacking Arn Anderson with a pair of scissors in a hotel room. Early 90s if I remember.

        • outkazt09

          Maybe thats why I did not know. I did not watch much WCW early in the 90s.

          • Andy

            Used to watch it in England on a German sattelite sports channel, DSF, with the volume turned down since I couldn't understand a word the German overdubbed commentators were saying.

    • Eiji

      How about Ole, Luger and Sting?

  • proud

    Who cares if Flair is in twice?
    It’s like music hall of Fames where they induct a band (say The Beatles) and then an individual who breaks out on his own (John Lennon). If your a success then you deserve accolades.
    It wouldn’t shock me to have Flair in 3 times with Evolution inducted as HHH desires more credit for his career!

    • Lee

      Thats true HHH and HBK will be in it multiple times cuz we all know that DX will be in it soon

    • JJ

      Are people gonna have this problem when Shawn and Hunter go in twice as individuals and as DX.

      • BollyMexCPhT

        3 times for Shawn, he was in the nWo.

        • Brian

          I know your probably joking…..But I really hope that when they induct the nWo that they don't include Shawn. It should be just Hogan, Nash, and Hall.

        • finly36

          and the "click"

  • Skip

    It’s not the Hall of Fame it’s the Hall of Vince! He picks the ones he makes all the decisions he overrules everybody, he decides who gets the push and who doesn’t. At the end of the day Vince is the boss. I often see ppl ask questions like “Johnny Ace is the vice president of talent relations then who’s the president? The answer is simple, Vince! Like you hear job titles where most of then are vice of something senior vp of media vp of global blah blah blah, if Vince makes all the final decisions than he’s the president of EVERY DEPARTMENT! This is why Vince is a workaholic because hes in charge of EVERYTHING! Like he let’s Stephanie or Johnny (and btw I know Johnny is no longer the exec vp of tr) do Some of the work but he’s right there on top of it just in case something seems wrong. Why shouldnt he do that after all it’s his company.

  • thatguy

    People need to give up on wanting sting in the HoF, its stupid and pointless. 1 he has never performed in the company, he hasn't really done anything that great in his career. also is VERY overrated. Why would Vince want to induct anyone into the HoF who has ZERO history in said company.

    I'm not saying you had to be in WWF/E to be able to deserve to be in it. Just sting has never done anything that great besides look like the crow and be a subpar wrestler

    • Eiji

      Are you serious?! Obviously you haven't seen any of his matches in the 80's and 90's with flair and he was a member of the Horsemen!!! He was the face of WCW.

      • finly36

        wow paople you are stupid i agree sting is rubish he dosse not have the skill and should not be induckted and indeuct the original 4 housnmen please not all the other dumb posers who who only ibn it cause hey could not get rating if they where on their own………ps thatguy…i totally agreee withwhat you said and now i know that there are still some peoople that acktually know things and still have a brain…

        • MPXTheChoice

          I'm sure they still have a brain…and I'm sure more than half KNOW HOW TO SPELL.

  • BigMike

    My ONLY issue with the Four Horsemen being inducted is WHERES OLE? he deserves to be there more than Barry or Tully

  • Person

    Wrestlemania, please come to the Hoosier state!

  • scotts

    i know this would never probably happen, but can anybody imagine a non federation biased professional wrestling hall of fame?

  • prey

    Best fued ever, sting vs flair, sting vs Nikita kolof. Sting vs Vader, sting vs nwo, sting vs the four horsemen ….

  • DelawareBeachBoy

    if they did "all" former horsemen this would also include Paul Roma… Ole hates Vince and Vince hates Ole