Star Of Three Stooges Makes Fun Of His Experience On Raw, CM Punk Responds

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Sean Hayes, who appears as Larry in the new Three Stooges movie and on last week's Raw SuperShow, talked about his experience getting booed, as well as his opinions on the performers in an interview Conan earlier this week. The WWE-related portion of the interview is embedded below:

CM Punk took to Twitter to respond to Hayes' comments:

  • Paul

    Well said punk!

  • Matt

    I'd be mad if I were in the Stooges movie, too lol.

  • G Ilyas

    Punk's right, but then again, can you blame the guy for mocking the divas match??

  • Dave Barton

    1) he’s a comic actor, he’s supposed to try to be funny
    2) he’s entitled to his opinions

    • Ray


  • Mike

    If it was so beneath him then he should have refused the paycheck Vince McMahon gave him for appearing. Way to whore yourself out dude.

    • XKonn247

      WWE doesn’t pay guest stars. They appear in exchange for WWE plugging their current thing. In this case a dig crap movie that a VERY small audience will find funny.

  • James M>>>

    What a dum***! This guy needs to learn entertainment business sense and common sense. What an idiot to talk like this with wrestling fans listening who may potentially watch his movie(s). Especially after the exposure he was provided on Raw. I’d be pissed if I were VKM, and would think more carefully as to who wwe producers have on as future celebrity/special guests. Rediculous. Funny, cuz he seems the type thy would like to see sweaty men in “speedos”, or am I the only one who noticed that?

  • mathew30

    im baffled, surely his agent would know what wwe was all about and the guys would hav seen it at some stage, so if the show was so "below them" wtf they show up for, besides getting advertising for a shit movie. i mean he takes the piss out of wrestlers, which i can only think of 2 i think that wear "face paint", but that also makes me think everybody has the image from decades ago. but then again its made me think is this another stupid link for a fight at mania. seriously trying to insult the fans and the programe they love, especially when you want them to go see a movie your in…not smart no smart at all, especially when they hated you in the first place and that wasnt becuase who you are, its becuase your lot were not funny, you wasted uality time, and we all know your movie is going to be shit.

  • Bob

    No they booed you for the sole reason that you suck.

  • Tim

    Whats wrong with the stooge movie it wasn’t that bad

    • XKonn247

      It probably wasn’t if your 7 and find three grown men making stupid noses and tugging each others faces funny.

  • Jas

    He's just bitter because his biggest part was being 4th string to three much funnier people in a great NBC sitcom. That being said, given his overbearing and over-the-top personality, I'm sure it wasn't his first time being booed.

  • Dave

    shame for him that in 20 years thousands of people will still remember shawn michaels, undertaker and triple h but no-one will remember him-Conan O Brien also seems to forget the number of wrestlers hes had on his show over the years who probably brought in more viewers than this freak

  • Howard Stern

    That wasn't so bad. I love Punk, he's been my favorite since well before he cut his hair, but I think he was a bit too sensitive. He can say whatever he wants and call it a work, but an exclusive "actor" (I mean non-sports entertainer) can't crack a small WWE joke without mean spirited backlash? It just doesn't feel right, and I'm going to talk to him about it when he's scheduled to appear on my show.

    • XKonn247

      Your show? Oh, that’s right. You’re under the paranoid delusion your someone else.

      • AJG316

        You obviously don't know who howard stern is do you

        • XKonn247

          The radio/television host, the actor, the author? Your comment makes no sense. I know exactly who Howard Stern is. What does THAT have to do with someone pretending he’s him!? Explain.

    • Diesel420Power

      I have been a huge fan of the WWF/WWE since I was born in 1982 and Sean Hayes in my opinion was just cracking some jokes. I'm sure he enjoyed his appearance and appreciated the plug. The movie might have not done well but all 3 actors performed the Stooge characters well even if the script sucked. Either way CM Punk and other people need a sense of humor and stop taking comments so seriously.

  • Msuth

    I’ve seen this crop up on twitter but I’ve only watched the clip just now.

    WOW……everyone is way overreacting to this! I was expecting worse but damn that’s nothing!

  • A2H

    Whats that all about. Lay off this guy, he has the right to criticize wwe, especially when he does it with a laugh. Lets not get all north korean about it.

  • Ricky Valdez

    The three stooges is so 1930’s, I think that’s the reason they were probably booed the way they were on raw, you have to be very old to connect with that act.

  • shawnc16

    He never said he was embarassed, he really didn't even say anything bad about the WWE at all.

  • WNW Fan

    Never knew the overly portrayed gay guy from Will and Grace was Larry until now.

  • Stephanie

    I truly hope (because I didn't see it, and haven't been watching wrestling like I used to) that the audience was booing them just because they, and nobody, can compare to the real Three Stooges… NOT booing because it was the Three Stooges. If that makes sense?