Stephanie McMahon Acknowledges CM Punk Quit Live At WWE Payback

During the in-ring segment with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon made reference to CM Punk. During the segment a loud “CM Punk” chant broke out. Stephanie responded by looking at Bryan and saying:

“These people want you to quit just like CM Punk did.”

I captured the line on Twitter:

Clearly, Vince McMahon wants to embrace the Punk chants in his hometown rather than pretend they are not there. As for Punk’s status, he’s retired.

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  • Dave Barton

    That means CM Punk is coming back, right?!


  • Adam

    You didn’t capture anything on twitter, you just wrote it down. Why do you incessantly find a reason to post your twitter in every article?

    • Vic Jose

      I agree

  • Splat

    Can we move on now? And if anyone still thinks he is coming back “I’m afraid I got some bad news.”

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      Should be featured comment. Lol

  • JAE

    He’ll be back one day. Perhaps not in the near future, but he will.

    • opie

      God, I hope not.