Stephanie McMahon Announces Official Plan For The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Stephanie McMahon appeared on Raw and gave us an official announcement regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie announced that if Daniel Bryan is cleared to compete in four weeks for Money in the Bank, he will defend the titles against Kane in a Stretcher Match.

If Bryan is not cleared to compete, the titles will be up for grabs in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the first time ever.


  • Bob’s Diner

    Hey Richard, you are an investor like Stephanie McMahon – you should just go to Raw and start making matches.

  • Dave Barton

    What happened to the proposed Buried Alive match?

  • CJROB89

    Wait wouldn’t that just be a regular ladder match?
    Isn’t the point of mo ey in the bank that it’s for a guaranteed title match?