Stephanie McMahon Congratulates Darren Young, More Reaction

Stephanie McMahon wrote the following on Twitter:

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Below is my reaction from Twitter:

  • Justin Lal

    I was waiting for Stephanie’s tweet on this. There is everyone’s answer who was wondering about WWE’s reaction.

  • Call me homophobic if you want, not that I am. But why do we celebrate when people who are in the public eye come out as gay? If they truly want equality, they’re be treated as everyone else, not celebrated when they embrace their sexuality.

    • Philip Thompson

      Darren Young didn’t make a big statement or big deal of it – he was simply answering a direct question in an honest way.

      • I wasn’t talking about Darren Young, I was talking about the reaction.

    • Cody

      The reason they are celebrated is because we live in a day and age where sadly, homosexuality is still viewed as a sin. When someone in the public eye comes out, it is a big deal, because if someone of their stature is coming out as gay, and they are proud of doing so, maybe this will eventually be viewed as something that is okay. They are still treated like everyone else, they just get props for coming forward on a subject that is still frowned upon by a lot of people in today’s society.

      • I don’t buy that argument. That’s not equality. Being equal mean you get to be criticized like everyone else.

        • It’s a celebration because it shows progress. It shows people are coming to the realization that ostracizing a certain group because of their sexual orientation is wrong. It’s mean, it’s hurtful and it’s wrong. I want everyone that reads WNW to know that. It’s time we move on from these backwards ways of unfair judgment and discrimination.

          • TheBigKing1

            Right on Richard!

        • BIG M

          I understand your point of view but I think you have got the wrong idea about everyones reaction.
          I mean just think of the row Pat Paterson must have made when he came out.
          Now 30 years on at least some people in the business have evolved enough to celebrate rather than condemn Darren’s choice to come out.
          After all there have always been gay wrestlers just like there has always been gay sport players all of which who up until the last few years have been terrified of coming out.
          Remember Kanyan DDP’s old tag team partner not long after he came out he committed suicide due to backlash within and outside the industry would you honestly call that equality.
          Now honestly i could care less about what people get up to in private but if there is one thing I hate in this world is Ignorant Arrogant Xenophobic Homophobic Bible Thumping Ass Holes
          who will jumb on this soon and try to post some stupid horrible shit about this.
          I only hope the good people here at WNW remove every last one.

        • TheBigKing1


  • Kacie

    Why does the media always make a huge deal over a famous person coming out? Whoopie doo he’s gay. And? Darren didn’t make it a big deal when he announced that he’s gay. He’s not the first gay wrestler and he won’t be the last.