Stephanie McMahon - "My Dad Is My Idol And Mentor"; SummerSlam Promotional Poster

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- KPLR 11 out of St. Louis ran an article with quotes from Stephanie McMahon to promote the 1000th episode of WWE Raw last Monday. Obviously the event is over but in the piece, Stephanie revealed what she thinks of her father:

“My Dad is my idol and mentor. He’s taught me everything that I know basically. He has many, many, mantras and some are not repeatable. But, the bottom line is you have to work hard, play hard. Live hard and love hard. As long as you do all those things you’ll be successful.” said Stephanie McMahon.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dave L for sending us the link.

- Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word WWE has uploaded the SummerSlam pay-per-view promotional poster in PDF format. The poster, which features Brock Lensar, can be viewed at this link.

  • Kleck

    That poster is pretty cool. I’m glad that Vince was able to have a positive effect on Steph. So many fathers are not around to watch and help their children grow.

  • Ken

    “We’re in 145 countries, 30 different languages, 100 million social media followers. It’s our duty to use that powerful voice, that reach to spread really powerful messages.” said Stephanie McMahon. ==== No, Steph. I'm sorry, but it's your duty to provide weekly quality sports-entertainment programming for the benefit of the WWE Universe who ultimately pay your wages and let you live the life you do.
    If you feel a driving need to make the world a better place, join a nunnery.

    • nefty131

      Why do u bother to watch wrestlIng? Every other comment u post on here is negative and always criticizing the product or the person. Stop wasting your breath on ur one sided views. Nothing u say is constructive to the topic.

      • Ken

        Because I still remember when it was great, and am holding on to a vague hope that it will become great once again. Things don't change if people don't criticize.
        And… yes, my posts are one-sided. Your post is one-sided. Opinions tend to be one-sided. If my posts were two-sided, or three-sided, or more, I'd be on here arguing with myself.
        For the record, I love wrestling. I've probably been watching it for longer than you've been sucking air. I just wish the people involved would focus ON wrestling, and not waste time and money on irrelevant side projects. I don't watch wrestling to be preached at or to have someone try to push their own feelings of moral guilt about the state of society on me. I watch wrestling to watch wrestling.
        Clear now?

        • Michael413

          So you’re saying one of the most powerful influential families in the united states and arguably in the world should not use their wealth and influence to help make the world a better place?

          Based on what you think the McMahon’s should do, I guess that means every self-made billionaire should do the same solely for your entertainment and say F-U to the world around them

  • Callum

    Stephanie is hottttttttt!

    • Billkmc

      Agreed 🙂

  • Mary-Anne

    Horiffic, you're considered an adult woman but still call yourself 'daddy's little girl' ??
    No wonder, in real life you're a freak and not even able to stand on your own two feet, without help from others.

    No, i am GLAD i NEVER was 'daddy's favorite'… and i wouldn't trade without anyone in the world!!!

  • Kevin

    I'll bet she calls HHH "Daddy" in the bedroom! LMFAO!

  • Chris B

    Ken – I think you should stop watching WWE. They have stated so many times their product is sports entertainment. And not solely wrestling. If you only want to watch wrestling turn the channel over. But please for the love of god, stop moaning.
    That goes for anyone else who thinks like Ken. If one show doesn’t make you happy, watch something else.