Stephanie McMahon On WWE Characters Counter To Be-A-Star

A fan on Twitter asked Stephanie McMahon for her response to those that say WWE is going against their anti-bullying campaign when they feature characters that are bullies. Below is her response:

While the hypocrisy is evident, there is a difference between what is storyline and what is real-life. I do not have a problem with Hunter and Ryback playing the role of antagonists that bully, however, there are certain lines that should not be crossed. One that I found particularly disgusting was the infamous Piggy James angle.

  • lll

    The whole Piggy James/Mickie James Laycool storyline still makes me sick to this day. The mere fact that it even happened is why Michelle McCool and Layla got so much backlash. Very tasteless indeed.

    • Alex P

      I fully agree with you! I mean I understand that the WWE is a business that thrives on good guys vs bad guys, but the Piggy James angle was just awful. There are better ways to establish characters than some of the ways the WWE sometimes uses.

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    I was in attendance at Smackdown when they first showed the Piggy James cartoon/video. It was extremely disturbing and everyone in the crowd was uncomfortable. Could smell the awkward in the air.

  • AB

    The Piggie James stuff revolved around an issue that is worth talking about and drawing attention to through fictional storylines. However, it has to be done right and at the end of the day, professional wrestling is probably not the right medium to be tackling the issue. I understand what they were going for, but it wasn’t executed well and it’s a subject that they should’ve left alone if that was the best way they could handle it.