Steve Austin Agrees To Two-Film Deal With Anchor Bay Films

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Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Anchor Bay Films and Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch Productions have agreed to a deal that will roll out two new action films.

The first film is called "Kill Em All, John" and will star Austin as an ex-hitman pulled back into the underworld to “retire” a number of crime bosses as the clock ticks. Filming is set to begin this summer.

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  • lee

    What’s the name of the second Film?

    • Kleck

      It might be “Please fight CM Punk at WrestleMania 29”

      • lee

        That would be great to see but i don’t see Austin fighting this year.I can see them fighting at WRESTLEMANIA 30, next year will be indoors and it should be better than this years. We can hope for three things next year goldust v Rhodes, Austin v Punk and and possibly undertakers last match.