Steve Austin Says He's 100 Percent Fine To Wrestle Again

Steve Austin said on the "Busted Open" radio program he is "100 percent fine" when it comes to being medically cleared to wrestle. He said it was his decision to end his in-ring career because he was "running too hard" and "had a few issues."

When asked if CM Punk was the only guy he would come back and wrestle, he said John Cena would be a guy as well. He also mentioned Triple H and The Undertaker but said Undertaker is "beat to shreds" like himself. Austin did say Punk was at the top of the list.

  • H.M.

    I feel like it's almost a certainty that Punk/Austin is going to happen this year given all the reports we keep getting of one subtly teasing a match with the other, even with Lesnar and the Rock and most likely the Undertaker around.

    • Monty

      Why this year? Think about it when you already have rock and leaner than why push for Austin why not save him for wrestlemania 30? Also I want to see Austin vs taker too so bring Austin back part time too so he can have 2-4 matches per year for next 2 years. Like summerslam,wrestlemania and other big PPV.

      Also I hope in our lifetime we do see sting vs taker its a dream matchup I hope it happens soon

      Richard do you ave when stings new contract is up? I know he goes on a one year contract right?

      • nWo 4 Life

        Damn Wrestlemania 30 could be awesome

        If wwe played there cards right. Build it up to

        As A massive 30 year anniversary and prepare

        Some great matchups. Can be the last hurrah

        For a few wrestlers like undertaker, stone cold,

        Triple h etc…

  • Ricky Valdez

    Punk vs Austin boring don’t get it. The viper vs the rattlesnake now that’s more like it. The legend vs the legend killer WM 29.

  • monty

    yeah if they build it right we could get even a bigger wrestlemania 2 years from now than this upcoming one.

    sting vs taker
    austin vs HHH-or taker
    rock i believe will also be a regular at wrestlemania moving forward for next few years

    i am being greedy but i hope HBK reconsiders wrestling again even if only at wrestlemania. i believe wwe should learn something from taker,rock,lesner that even if a wrestler only comes back for one PPV which is their superbowl than its worth it.

    so get as many past stars who can still wrestle and let's have the best cards each year at wrestlemania. I believe HHH can still do it for a long time because he hasn't been a regular wrestler in a while and has pretty good heath so what's to say he can't be competing at every wrestlemania for next 5 years

    i don't know about y'all but i rather see austin vs taker than austin vs cm.punk

  • ImAwesome420

    I’d love to see Stone Cold in a couple more matches but lets be honest if hes gonna return its gonna be once and for a boat load of cash that WWE isnt gonna pay. He asked for a million so we’ll see if WWE gives in. And also remember that age is a factor in all of this too. Hes getting pretty old.

  • Evonreese

    I would rather see Stone Cold vs Ziggler or Orton. Triple H and Stone Cold match would be awesome

  • Michael

    I don't really like watching Punk anymore, kinda bored of it, Id rather see Rock V Austin again for old times sake.