Steve Austin - HHH vs. The Undertaker Saved Wrestlemania, Feels Bad For Daniel Bryan, Optimistic About Return But Not Sure About CM Punk As An Opponent

- The UK Sun has a new article online featuring quotes from Steve Austin. In it, he says that The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVIII saved the show early. Below is an excerpt:

“‘I don’t watch all the WWE PPV events these days, but WrestleMania is always a must see.

"The Undertaker and Triple H match made it special. Going into it, I thought how will they better last year? How do you follow something like that?

“But they did. It was at about the 8-10 minute mark when I saw them dig beyond the solid work they had done and pull out all of the stops.

"Shawn Michaels was a real benefit there too. He was perfect in his referee role.

“I believe the match they had was off the charts. If it hadn’t been for it, the event would have failed. It was very average until then.”

Thoughts on Daniel Bryan's 18-second job:

“I felt bad for Daniel Bryan, as his match with Sheamus was so short and I really wanted him to get the chance to shine.

“He is a great kid and he can work, you just want to see him work and he didn’t get that chance there.

"I hope they use him better down the line as there aren’t a lot of guys that truly work like he does.

“Daniel does need some polishing on his promos, but then so do a lot of the guys there.

Open to a return to the ring but not sure about CM Punk as an opponent:

“Maybe Punk’s not the guy to go against. He needs to pick up his intensity. We’ll have to see what I do, I’m happy now doing what I am.

“In a perfect world, where I could step back into the ring for one last match I would be willing to have that discussion with management.

“I do miss the business and working a live crowd, going out there and wrestling your hearts out.

"I’m still in contact with a few of the guys. I speak to Kevin Nash the most, Nash and I talk about once a week.

“I also keep in contact with Jericho, Punk and Cena, but not as often. I’m not a big phone or email guy and they are always on the road or doing their thing.”

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending us the link.

  • Kleck

    I hope the Punk vs Austin pans out

  • John

    Austin vs. Punk would not go down well. CM Punk is too much of a technical wrestler to bring out a good match with Stone Cold, who will obviously be limited in what he can do. I think the only way Austin will be able to deliver a solid match is if the match is more of a hardcore-style brawl, much like Undertaker vs. Triple H. I mean there was hardly a wrestling hold in the entire Taker/HHH match yet it stole the show.

    • ol skewl fan

      maybe you need to go back and watch Bret Hart and Stone Colds I quit match, Austin is more than just the brawler he played,and portrayed, much like Cena he was limited to what he can do because he was a huge moneymaker, make no doubts that at least in his prime before the neck injuries, Austin could go with the best of them.

      • GODSENT83

        He didn’t say he couldn’t then he said he can’t now.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I’m sure everyone would agree that wrestlemania officially started after the Taker and HHH match. Not sure what that crap was in the 1st hour.

  • mathew30

    i have to agree, lets face it, cena vs the rock was supposed to be a must see event, yet the rock just wanst the rock and cena, well he did what he could besides carrying dwayne for 3/4 of the match, seriously dwayne you were shattered …all that muscle…did you forget about cardio. but im so glad i watched the end of an era match, more specifically all three walking together. But you have to admit for all the hype of a year between c and r, and you got that….not a good performance thats for sure. and if people were able to see the show before paying for it, im quite sure it likely wouldnt have reached even 1/4 of what it did in the buy rates if it wasnt for the eoae part

    • Razmos01

      Ok pal why dont you go jump around a ring for 40 mins and see if you have the stamina, even Cena was shattered, The Rock has been gone 7 years doing movies, you cant expect the guy to jump back in a ring and BOOM have it back, The Rock is The Rock at the end of the day, hes the guy that further made the business what it is, he worked a different product to the PG era so thats why he wasnt so sharp on the mic, i know he broke barriers but he could of broke them further and cut a promo like he use to, all you critics
      forget that if it wernt for Hogan, Austin, The Rock and a few
      other greats, the WWE wouldnt be where it is now, infact it would have ended up being WCW buying WWE

      • Jay

        Yes he has been out for 7 years but he had at least a year to prepare for his match. Not much of an excuse

      • WRONG

      • mathew30

        thats no damned excuse, the guy had a bunch of long matches as training , hes a veteran, hes always trainign his body all year round, and yet he turns up and is shattered in a not exactly a energetic match where cena is carryign him to complete the match. but you say "jump back into the ring and BOOM" well he didnt just jump in as ive just mentioned, he trained for a period of time and was a damned veteran he knows exactly what was needed.

        • jay

          Does anyone seem to remember but me. The Rock never was great in the ring to begin with, lets face it, it was his mic skills and charisma that made him what he is, not his ring work.

    • James M>>>

      I’m not sure what kind of mind it takes to think about not buying a show if you had the chance to watch it before, but I’m baffled at the logic there.

      • mathew30

        my logic is asking, would people have paid the money or thought the price tag was worth it if they had seen what was to come, like SC stated, WM was not very good and it was the era match that made the show. and this is where my comment comes from

    • Eddie

      pro wrestling is not just about the in ring work… theatrics and stuff is just as important…. and make no mistake the rock didn’t fall short on that part… but cena has been falling short since 2008…..
      and even his in ring work was much better than cena!!!!!
      people are talking about he had a year to prepare and crap…. cena in his own words is there in the ring every night… yet he did nothing that could save the match or atleast top the rock….

      and you said about rock having a lot of muscle and not doing cardio…. well he was was way more athletic than cena…. and coming back to a big match like this isn’t easy… even for the rock… yes he is a veteran…. but he has been out 7 years…. and it makes a huge difference….

      • Jordan

        Well he was in a match with a very strong cena. And wrestleing with cena or the rock is indeed hard. That's why cena and rock were tired

  • snuggle

    I would love to see Austin/Cena or Austin/Lesnar over Punk.

  • Dave Barton

    Austin & Nash…really never saw that friendship coming.

  • ShortStack

    Of course Taker/HHH stole the show. Experience shows. They didn’t just go out there to wrestle and show look what amazing moves I can do. They went out there to tell a story. You certainly didn’t hear them calling out their moves, Rock/Cena. They are 2 amazing wrestlers who know that it’s all about making people care about what’s going on in that ring for the time that they are there. You want to know what’s missing these days. It’s not all the glory seekers. It’s all the ones who went out there to perform because they loved it as much as we do.

  • Steve l

    Austin was an excellent technical wrestler and in ring psycholigist. He had classics with Brett Hart and Benoit and Jericho he could definately leep up with Punk. His only limitation would be age or injury.


    I hope Steve Austin returns to the WWE,I hope I can at least see him at WrestleMania29:-}I hope on Raw one time it shows that Austin's talking with either Jericho,Cena,or Punk:-}

  • Frank

    I think Cena would be a better choice for Austin he can carry him and make him look good. He did with The Rock and he can with Austin.

  • Bruno

    Austin vs Orton