Steve Austin Meets With Vince McMahon About Wrestlemania 29; Will A Deal Get Done For A Match Against CM Punk?, Latest Regarding The 30-Man Royal Rumble Match Winner

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Vince McMahon Meets With Steve Austin

We're told Vince McMahon is keeping the top three matches for Wrestlemania 29 close to his vest but that there was a significant shift in plans as recent as last week.

Steve Austin reportedly met with Vince again last week about the possibility of working CM Punk at the show but at this point a deal has not been reached. Even if WWE and Austin had agreed, plans are being kept so secretive, Punk himself wouldn't know.

One observer says Vince feels like he can get a deal done but at this point we can only confirm talks remain ongoing.

Royal Rumble News

In other news, Sheamus emerged last week as a possible Royal Rumble match winner as the only other name we had heard up until this point was Ryback.

  • snuggle

    He won last year no thank you I hope the let Ryback win Sheamus is boring.

    • Justin

      Still can't get over 18 seconds from WM can you?

      Sheamus is one of the best workers in the company and he's very entertaining. The guy is quick, witty, and effective with his promos. He's had solid matches this year with Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, Del Rio and a classic with Big Show at HIAC. Also it's important to point out that Sheamus didn't get the best build up to his WM match at WM. His Royal Rumble win came with not much build and his title win at WM was somewhat of a no win situation for him — if it took 15-20 minutes for him to beat Daniel Bryan he would have looked weak and by beating Bryan in 18 seconds it came off cheap. Sheamus has looked strongest by losing to Big Show (if you can believe that). It took two WMDs to beat him at HIAC and an illegal-oversized chair to beat him.

      Ryback is over right now and a good attraction, however force feeding him to the fans will lead to boos from the crowds — you just know it will happen. Ryback was hottest when he first appeared in front of CM Punk. WWE was in a dilemma because Punk couldn't afford to lose and neither could Ryback. 3 straight PPV losses as hurt Ryback. Ryback needs a WM moment and there's two options out there for him: Big Show or Brock Lesnar. Beating any of those two guys will be HUGE for Ryback, and the title does not need to be in play for any of those two matches. Ryback should get his run at the title in the late Spring-Summer of 2013 — chasing and defeating someone like Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship.

      • Pluto

        I agree with you Justin. With the way Ryback has been built so far I'm not so sure he will stay over in the lng run. Sheamus is here too stay. Sheamus > Ryback

  • bejealous

    Yes I agree, I do like Sheamus but he won last year and it seems they can’t decide at all with the World Championship situation. In the past 2 months Richard said They want Daniel Bryan as the main face, then it was Ryback and Randy Orton as the top heel and also there was stuff about Mark Henry but with Henry and Orton it doesnt look like that will happen and also Dolph has MITB Still. Wwe needs to make up their mind.

  • Moe

    How about let none of them win, and someone we don't expect?

  • amaanakter786

    Not really that bothered if Sheamus wins the Rumble, but please not Ryback dont feed me anymore im full! Would love to see Punk win and then Rock win the Rumble setting up a rematch at Mania

    • Austin 3 :16

      Punk in the main event at WM is laughable.

  • Zack

    I would be more in favor of someone who hasn't been in the title hunt for the last several months winning the Rumble. To me there's so much opportunity for someone new and fresh to win, same way with the Money in the Bank. It's so boring to me when they use the Rumble to just keep someone who has been in the title hunt for months STILL in the title hunt.

  • Kleck

    Why not Damien Sandow? Still too green?

  • fjdinardo

    so we dont know for sure a deal happened? or it defiantly didn't happen?

  • sir-rusty82

    I hope you never find out if Stone Cold and Vince get the deal and it sucks because I cant help to click on the link to read it

  • proud

    I’d still go Daniel Bryan as reward for such a great year and the 18 second job in losing the title… But that’s me