Steve Austin - Place Cena Back 10 Years In The Ring With Me & You'd Have Rung The Cash Register, Big Time

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Part two of dot com's interview with Steve Austin to promote WWE '13 is now online. Below is an excerpt:

WWE.COM: Moving from the past to the present, how do you think John Cena would have fit in the heyday of The Attitude Era?

AUSTIN: John Cena in The Attitude Era. Man, that’s a good question.

Yeah, had he been placed in it, and been dealt with accordingly, the John Cena you see now — the face of the franchise, the leader of the pack? Not so much. But I guarantee if you’d have gotten him face to face with “Stone Cold” in an interview, and you know John cuts a good interview himself, if I slapped the s*** out of that son of a b****, I think we’re off and running to make a lot of money.

All he needs is to be poked and prodded in the right way. I think John Cena has a hell of a lot of fire and he needs to be in the ring with the right opponent, or the right cat, to bring that out. So in the current environment, you really don’t see that in him.

Place [Cena] back 10 years in the ring with “Stone Cold”? You’d have rung the cash register, big time.

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  • The Breaker

    Couldn’t agree more with Austin on this one.

  • LeBron

    Thuganomics John Cena would've thrived in the Attitude Era. This current pile of garbage version of Cena, not so much.

    • Anand

      I Agree. Cena seriously needs to turn HEEL and prove that he isnt just the plain vanilla babyface that people have started to hate…

  • Blazeking

    "Place [Cena] back 10 years in the ring with “Stone Cold”? You’d have rung the cash register, big time."

    I'd have rung the ring bell, the cow bell, the jingle bells… all of em!!!

  • elstitchio

    Completely agree. Cena would have done well in the attitude era he’s currently a watered down version of what he could be

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    If Cena in The Attitude era, then Austin would've job to Cena day-in and day-out. There's no way Cena is going to lose a battle. Never Give Up!

    • Jason

      No…just no.