Steve Austin Puts Over Tim Tebow; Willing To Surrender The Numbers 316

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TMZ has a nice article online on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin surrendering the numbers 316 to Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow. Below is an excerpt:

Austin continues, "A guy named John was using it before me ... so if Tebow can do it again, more power to him!"

"I wish him all the luck in the world," Austin says ... adding, "I'm not a Denver fan but Tim's a great role model for kids."

Click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Luke, Logan Walker and Dave L for sending us the link.

  • magruber

    I hate Tim Tebow. He's a one trick pony who is beginning to lose because every other team has figured out his throwing tells. not to mention his annoying "God wants me to win the superbowl" quotes.

    Austin, hold onto your digits for somebody else please

    • just a fan

      theres no need for that, tebow is one of the most influential christians in a nation that is slowly falling away from god, you have no right to judge him for that

    • Bradley

      One trick pony? Other teams figuring him out? Really? Really? Really? Really? I think he threw for 316 yards during the AFC wildcard game. He destroyed the #1 rated defence in the NFL, and looked as good as any QB running the option in the NFL possibly could. If you don't like Tebow, fine. At least give credit where credit is due…That or learn at least watch a game before you post an ignorant comment such as this online…geez.

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Let’s get this signed right now Austin v Tebow, Wrestlemania. What a better way to turn Tebow a heel!

  • Eric

    It really doesn't matter, I'm not a fan of the Broncos or the Patriots, but the Patriots are going to run them over.

  • Bubba J

    Funny, I thought that verse belonged to the Bible….

  • MonstaHeel 450


  • HHH

    I agree with "just a fan". This world is pushing the lord out of everything! Like the saying goes," If you can't say anything good or intelligent,KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, and don't say anything at all!" I've known Tim since his college day's. and his faith has grown and if the Lord is with you, who can be against you! and that's all I have to say about that!!! IT'S TEBOW TIME!!! and "IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!