Steve Austin Responds To CM Punk In New Video Promo

Fighting Spirit Magazine posted a video response from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, addressing CM Punk's promos about him on WWE Raw. You can watch it embedded below:

The framework for Austin vs. Punk at Wrestlemania XXIX is laid we can only hope they can figure out a way to get it done.

Click here for coverage by Fighting Spirit Magazine.

  • mjledesma

    I’m excited

  • Nick b

    This vid will be gone before I get home, just like the Austin and punk interview.

  • vmagic

    Why not wait til WM 30 for Austin-Punk? Next years Mania is already loaded with Rock, Taker, Lesnar, HHH, etc. I dont see why Austin would want to participate when he will simple get lost in the shuffle. WM30 will also be huge and he should want to be there.

    • Paul

      Everyone should want to be there, I predict taker will retire following wm 30

    • Brody

      What is HHH doing at Wrestlemania?

    • SRP

      Austin isn’t young anymore. It’s better to get it out of the way while he’s still able to put on a decent match.

    • Nick b

      And you don’t think wrestle mania 30 will be just as loaded?

  • AnacondaVise

    The Best in the World vs The Best Ever! Make it happen…

  • John

    Austin is not wrestling at WrestleMania 29 ! There feeding the excitement around a potential match between the two from fans, but there not actually building towards it.. At least not anytime soon.

  • Yang Zeng Choi

    Does anybody think there’s a possibility they could go the tag team route for WM? Punk/Lesnar vs Austin/HHH?

    • Paul

      No one thinks that

  • KVB

    WM 30 in Toronto Ontario Canada

    Woo excited!!!! Canada Baby

    • Msu93

      Keep your hopes up but WM 30 is probably going to be in New York again.

      • KVB

        Why would they do two WM in a row in New York State??? Canada all the way baby!!!!!

        • Paul

          Hopefully it won’t be in Madison square garden it’s too small

        • Kris Hardy

          Because Wrestlemania 1, 10, and 20 was held in MSG. To be more technical, WM29 is actually being held in New Jersey.

    • SRP

      I was at the last WM in Toronto. Rock vs Hogan was great live.

  • Kai

    WM 30 wembely stadium London UK! You heard it here first! Least that stadium has a roof!

    • Joe

      But hopefully! The roof would be blown off!

    • Lloyd clarke

      I wish!!!

    • Bill

      Every ten yr reunion of WM they go to MSG

  • Yang Zeng Choi

    Paul is an ass clown and I’m not talking about Heyman…

  • Paul loves his hand

    Survivor Series- Punk/Lesnar/Show/Heyman vs HHH/Austin/Sheamus/VKM

  • PileDriver

    HOUSTON ASTRODOME!!! State of the art facility!

  • mjledesma

    I have a feeling WM30 will be at COWBOYS STADIUM. 110,000 people would make this the largest crowd for a wrestling event in the states and the largest indoor crowd


    How did this link get from CM Punk vs Stone Cold to WM and the location of WM30………..???????? *Face Palm*……..OOOOOCHHH!!!!