Steve Austin Runs Into Shawn Michaels, More WWE PPV Changes, Steamboat & Wendi Richter Honored

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- Steve Austin was also at the Shot Show in Las Vegas this week and ran into Shawn Michaels. (Thanks to WNW reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.)

- WWE has made more changes to this year's pay-per-view calendar. Fatal 4-Way will take place in June rather than Bragging Rights. Bragging Rights is still scheduled to return but will take place in December in place of WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. (Thanks to WNW writer Rick Craig for sending this in.)

- Wrestling News World reader Dave L sent this in... This year the Cauliflower Alley Club will be honoring Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and former WWE Women's Champion Wendi Richter will be honored with the Lou Thesz Lifetime achievement award.

  • craig

    Bragging Rights is one of the worst ppv ever year. Also, what is tlc doing in june?

  • kevin

    Bragging rights, and fatal 4 way suck. Maybe not have 12 ppv a year and make the good ones great

  • @RatedMKD

    "Bragging Rights is still scheduled to return but will take place in June in place of WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs."

    I assume that's supposed to say December instead of June?

    I'm surprised to see the return of Fatal 4 Way. I do like the concept, but it hardly seems substantial enough to base a PPV around.

    • yeah buddy

      It does say December

  • aGirl

    No more TLC, shame

  • MsMojoRisin

    can wr have armegeddon back instead? lol

    • Tomas

      Oh the good old days when they had the same ppv's every year so you knew what was coming. Now they change them every other week to something completely stupid and pointless.

  • Wwe4L76

    No more tlc ?! Omg, wwe suck… Stupid kid show :'(

  • Thumpa

    What’s the point in Bragging Rights when workers now flit between brands?

  • outkazt09

    Can we have “in your house” back

  • Louis

    Here's what they should do:

    – Eliminate almost all the gimmick-style PPVs
    – Especially Elimination Chamber & Hell In Cell because having them as PPVs just isn't that special of matches anymore(same with the TLC PPV) and I also see that the WWE isn't using the matches' reputation as being "the most dangerous match in WWE history"; they just aren't that brutal anymore; the wrestlers don't have the injuries the matches are supposed to inflict on you say, the day after
    – Or change the title "Elimination Chamber" back to "No Way Out" if you're gonna keep it

    – Add Bragging Rights back to the schedule
    – Make it an all RAW Vs. Smackdown PPV
    – Make it have similar builds to what we've seen in the RAW Vs. Smackdown build that headed into the Survivor Series 2005 Elimination Match; that kind of build was entertaining and fun to watch

    – Remove the PPVs that haven't been successful like Over The Limit & F4tal-4-Way

  • Shawn Michaels love him. Wonder if he answers fan mail I’ve sent at least 6 pics and letters no response. Was lucky to get my favorite female wrestler Trish Stratus autograph pic. Love U Trish and Shawn.

  • durron

    Why won’t they just bring back king of the ring in June

    • @ease9310

      I want the WWE to have WWE King of the Ring,because that's a great PPV!!

  • @ease9310

    Next year the WWE should have maybe 2 PPV's a month,so the WWE can get more money.You know what I mean?And they should make great new PPV's that the WWE Universe will love to see.

  • Patrick V

    FFW is in June
    BR is in December
    TLC is gone
    What a shame

    • Lee

      Just Stick to the 4 main PPV i always order Royal rumble n wresltemania sometimes the other to if they have good matches

  • Eiji

    The PPV's these day's are terrible. WWF Raw is War's back in the day were better than the "WWE" PPV's now.

  • Bring back Starrcade!

  • Kevin

    The problem with today's PPV's is not that they suck, it's that they aren't any better than the free television shows. The television shows have really upped their game, and the PPV's haven't kept up. Why should I pay for a wrestling show when I'm just going to see the same level of wrestling I get with free tv shows? The exception is Wrestlemania. The John Cena v The Rock match makes ordering it worth the money. But unless they begin bringing us matches on PPV's that we WON'T see on tv, the PPV's just aren'tw worth buying. I agree with others who commented that WWE should just bring us 4 PPV's a year: Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring (and make it mean something again), and Survivor Series.