Steve Austin Signs On To Host "Redneck Island" On CMT

Shares 0 is reporting that Steve Austin has signed a deal to host the new reality TV series on CMT called "Redneck Island."

The 10-episode competition drops 12 blue-collared contestants into a tropical paradise where they compete for $100,000. The show debuts next month on CMT.

  • Bubba J

    I probably won’t watch this but this is such a perfect example of catering to your audience… should be a hit with the right people.

  • Dude Love

    ah yes, his genius managers hard at work. too bad they completely destroyed his film career — he had a good one for bit….

  • The Man

    This truly has to be confirmation that the Mayans were absolutely correct. Wrestlers have limited credibility to begin with,if the “wrasslin’” didn’t completely ruin his credibility-I’m sure this upcoming program will take care of that.

  • Keagan

    so survivor with alll rednecks…how original

  • Terra Ryzing

    Why are all these post getting negative points?? I, for one think these are all valid points.