Steve Austin Still Upset Over Tough Enough's Cancelation

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Variety has a new article online featuring quotes from Steve Austin. In it, he reveals to being upset when WWE Tough Enough wasn't renewed:

“When that show didn’t come back, I was pissed off,” Austin said. “It was a great show. The numbers were very good. We had a great time doing it. Why they didn’t bring it back still baffles me to this day because I loved doing that show. It was a great way to be in the business I know and love without having to be in the ring taking lumps.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Bob Cavicchioli

    Tough Enough was an awesome show. I’m stunned it didn’t come back, as well.
    WWE dropped the ball.

  • Splat

    Stone Cold was awesome on that show.

  • Chris

    They could have kept Tough Enough and billed it as a primer to NXT, the way it should be intended. It’s a way to get into wrestling, it may not guarantee you a “spot,” but it guarantees you a SHOT at a spot.

  • Tony Rankin

    I believe they said something before about the show never having a been truly* successful because everyone that ever won never really had much success in WWE after winning.

  • mike

    Andy Leavine is the reason it didn,t come back. well not so much him more the decision to choose him as the winner. Hardly any work was needed with Luke,he had the talent and the cocky character would have been perfect for him to come straight into, like randy orton when he first started. The only waste of time with that show was what happened after it. Andy leavine goes to fcw and released and a girl whos favourite match was a divas match and who couldn,t name a single other match becomes a funkadactyl. Great work WWE!!

  • steve pritchard

    I know I’m going off topic here but I can see Vince using this in a storyline in the future. Now that hhh is heel they can use Austin’s bitterness over toug enough to set up a match at wrestlemania between Austin and hhh. I know I’m putting the cart before the horse here . But that would be a great angle for Austin to return.