Steve Austin Talks CM Punk Leaving WWE; The Usos Break Down Their Best Match

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- Steve Austin appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show this week and took the time to discuss CM Punk's apparent departure from WWE. The video is available at this link or embedded below:

- The Usos break down their best match in the latest edition of "WWE Behind The Match," available at this link or embedded below:

  • Scott Davies

    If CM Punk should talk to anybody. It would be Steve Austin. He knows what it is like & regrets it.

  • David F.

    Disagree with Steve on money part, Punk has saved his money and doesnt need to wrestle anymore if he doesnt want to do. I dont blame Punk for walking out if someone like Batista took his spot after he busted his ass hurt for the whole year. Punk is just burned out but I do believe we will see him again in WWE weather its after Elimination Chamber PPV or sometime during the summer or fall. Punk will be back. Fans are going to go nuts for Punk on RAW monday and prob chant his name during entire show