Steve Austin Talks CM Punk, Says There Is A 95% Chance There Will Be Another Season Of Tough Enough

Steve Austin did an interview with and spoke on several topics of interested. Below are the excerpts the publication sent to us:

On wrestling CM Punk: "So yeah I hear the stories, if the stars aligned and all things worked out to benefit us all I’d say that he is the guy I’d pick to face. I could get another match out of this carcass of mine sure.”

On filming a comedy: “Comedy, no one has asked really, I have a script in progress, kind of a spoof of the action genre and I do want to do that.”

On his new DVD: “Looking back like that lets you see things you would change if you could go back. Early in my career I was in Ric Flair mode… I was really treading water for a time.”

On Tough Enough 2: “I hear there will be a second series, I’d say there’s a 95% chance of it right now. I really did enjoy doing it.”

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  • triple h

    Whats the point of tough enough? I mean, yeah its very entertaining, but where are the winners? No idea if Andy still exists! Dont know where good talents like luke and martin are..?!

    • Matt Scott

      Guess paying attention is something you don't enjoy doing. Andy Levigne is currently in FCW, the same place all guys go when they get signed. You forget Tough Enough gave us Miz and John Morrison.

      • triple h

        i am sorry my friend, but as a WWE TV reality series goes, its not expected that the viewer keeps doing his research before commenting on the programme.

        Yes, i do know that Andy is in FCW, but, what i meant was, after 1 week, i never even saw a small clip about him! thats why, i said, i dont even know where he exists, not literally. 🙂

        And i still honestly believe, Luke should've been signed, he even got heat from the fans the day the results were announced!

  • The stupid thing is that Andy was already signed WWE before tough enough so it really sucked that Martin or Luke didn't win bc Andy would still be in FCW anyways and possibly given a chance

  • Kevin

    Didn't I read somewhere that Andy is suspended right now for failing the Wellness Program? And this is the first time I've heard that Andy was already signed before Tough Enough. If that's true, then it lends ZERO credibility to the show, and they should just stop doing it. I was already wondering if it, like the wrestling programs, had a predetermined outcome. Now I'm convinced of it. I probably won't bother watching if it does come back on.

    • Frank

      you can't seriously be just hearing about this? andy and alicia fox's lil sis were both already signed to developmental contracts and then put on the show. andy had wrestled as kevin hackman. i bet u also dont know about luke's wrestling past, huh??