Further Updates On Steve Austin & The Undertaker Working Wrestlemania 29; Another Possible Opponent For The Undertaker, What About A Match For CM Punk?, WWE Adding To A Rock vs. Cena Rematch & More Future Creative Plans

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In an even further update to Steve Austin possibly working another match at Wrestlemania 29, I'm told his health is also a major factor as to whether or not he will work.

In a follow-up to Wednesday's report on The Undertaker, one observer said his comment that he would "sit out Wrestlemania next year" may have been him more or less "playing hardball" with the company in hopes of getting Lesnar. As we reported, Lesnar is the opponent Undertaker wants, but there's talk of giving the match to Triple H. My source indicates Vince McMahon is pushing heavily for Hunter vs. Lesnar.

While Ryback has been discussed as a possible opponent for Undertaker, I'm told CM Punk has also been brought up as a backup plan.

Furthermore, there have been ideas thrown around to possibly do John Cena vs. The Rock vs. Lesnar in triple threat match for the WWE Championship, or Cena vs. Rock vs. Punk for the title to breakup a complete rematch of the "once in a lifetime" bout from this year.  Normally the main events to Wrestlemania are booked before Royal Rumble in January, but I'm told they want to work backwards this year to give the writing team ample time for planning matches.

Other possible matches include Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara, Ryback vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett, and the possibility of bringing back the Money in the Bank ladder match to the pay-per-view. There are some that feel the MITB is the perfect way to get several of their mid to upper mid carders on the lineup.

  • buddah5050

    Hunter just needs to stay away!! He’s always ruining the matches people want to see!! His ego is hurting the product!!!

  • izblack

    Smh at Vince. HHH/Lesnar and Cena/Rock/Punk are not very appealing in the least bit. I hope McMahon sticks with his senses and sticks with the line up of Taker/Lesnar, Cena/Rock 2 (for the strap) and Punk/Austin (if Austin and McMahon can reach an agreement). I do however like the idea of Mysterio/Cara.

  • john

    Taker vs Lesnar would be much better, plus we've already seen Lesnar vs HHH very recently and it wasn't nearly as good as when Taker and Lesnar work together.

  • Kleck

    I’m still holding out hope for Austin

  • Evonreese

    I do not want to see Punk vs Undertaker ever.

  • Michael

    If they want Lesnar V Hunter that badly can't they do it for next year? do they really want to discourage Undertaker?