Steve Austin Update, How Much For WWE Network?, Booking Rock vs. Punk, WWE's Hardy Tease

What's Steve Austin doing nowadays? Are there any plans for an appearance at Wrestlemania 29?

Steve Austin is enjoying success as an actor and has started his own company called Broken Skull Ranch Productions. We reported over the weekend that Austin has agreed to a new two-film deal with Anchor Bay Films that will see him star in two action flicks. Austin's latest movie, The Package, is out on DVD and Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack next week. As for Austin appearing at Wrestlemania, WWE tried to get a deal done but I'm under the impression it's not happening.

How much will the WWE Network cost?

There was a major development in the WWE Network recently as DirecTV has begun surveying customers about their interest in the network. As I stated in the Premium Mailbag, a deal with DirecTV would mean enough clearance to launch. In their survey to customers, DirecTV listed the following price points: $29.99, $24.99, $19.99, $16.99 and $12.99. We heard (and reported) WWE was hoping to launch the network at a cheaper price and raising it through incremental increases.

With WWE looking to do The Rock vs. John Cena again at Wrestlemania 29, what are your thoughts about The Rock's WWE title defense against CM Punk at Elimination Chamber?

I stated prior to The Rock winning the WWE Championship [at Royal Rumble] that the best course of action should WWE choose to do Rock vs. Cena II would be for Rock to beat Punk for the title, successfully defend it at Elimination Chamber and drop it to John Cena at Wrestlemania. I'm not deviating from this and feel it's important that Rock go over Punk in a competitive match at the pay-per-view. WWE could use the bout to setup Punk's Wrestlemania program but they need to be careful that it's a credible defense for The Rock.

Why did WWE add Jeff Hardy to their Alumni section only to see him re-sign with TNA Wrestling?

WWE was aware of Jeff Hardy's contract status and probably heard he had re-signed with TNA Wrestling. They added him to their website to get people visiting. The entire reason WWE adds former names like Hardy to their website is to make people visit. I have more on Jeff's new contract with TNA Wrestling at this link.

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  • PainOfDemise

    I wouldn’t call Austin much of a successful actor when all his movies are straight to dvd. Once he actually gets a theatrical release in the main role instead of support, then I’ll consider it successful. I do like some of his movies he has done though.

    • Monty

      Just because something goes straight to DVD doesnt mean it’s unsuccessful

      • If a movie doesn’t make its money back in its opening weekend its considered a failure these days!

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Austin should stay at home even WrestleMania comes nearer. He’s been overdone his return since 2004 and nobody seems to care anymore as he’s not wrestle anyone anymore.

    • KevMen


    • stoney


  • Elliott

    In this economy wwe better keep the price for the wwe network very low or it will be a complete failure, Vince better not let his greedy side take over, I wouldnt be willing to pay $30.00 a month for it.

    • Illdecide

      $16.99 would be my max, and that’s only if they air some of the classic stuff and air it uncensored I wouldn’t pay money to have every chair shot filtered out and every remotely bad word bleeped

    • $30 is actually a pretty good deal, because according to the DirecTV survey you would get every PPV except WrestleMania. That means anyone that orders most of the WWE PPV’s every year would actually save money by getting the network at $30 a month, of course if you’re not one of those people then I could see why you would think $30 is alot.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Here’s the way The Rock/CM Punk should be booked. Some kind of controversial finish forces the WWE to vacate the title. Both The Rock and Punk get another title shot along with John Cena in a triple threat match at WM. This way Punk gets his much deserved WM main event spot (he deserves it a lot more than The Rock and Cena since he’s been the number 1 guy for over a year) and we don’t have to put up with The Rock/Cena for a second straight year because nobody wants to see it.

    • Jimmy

      Why does the title need to be vacated for this match to happen?

    • Gary Robert

      A WM title match should ALWAYS be one-on-one, imo. No Fatal Four Way, no silly Triple Threat, no this, no that. Straight up one-on-one for the biggest stage and main event in wrestling.

  • Matt

    WWE Network should be 9.99-12.99 max a month. Look at all the exclusive programming that HBO pumps out and they only charge I think 9.99 or 12.99 a month. WWE can’t come close to that kind of consistent quality so no way should it be more. Also, I would love to see The Undertaker get involved in the Chamber match to set up Punk/Undertaker at Mania.

  • S Canter

    I don’t think $20 a month is a bad deal for the WWE Network if it includes more classic wrestling than embarrassing reality shows like the Legends House. Watching some of the most eclectic superstars of the past will be fun for a couple episodes, but it is far from Must See TV.

  • Will WWE Network be available in the UK and other countries outside of America? if not will Smackdown still be able to be watched on other channels?

  • Monty

    9.99-12.99 will get wwe a lot of subscribers. If its not available on cable than I am not interested. I am not about to sit without service every time it rains with dish or direct tv.

    For 12.99 they should offer more PPV’s. They should still charge for big 2-4 PPV’S. Wrestlemania,summer slam, royal rumble and survivor series