Steve Austin Update; Latest On A Possible Dream Match Against CM Punk At Wrestlemania

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin did video promotion for THQ in Los Angeles on Saturday but was not seen by fans at the WWE '13 roster reveal. He made a CM Punk tease on Twitter, who was part of the unveiling of the roster. Below is the Tweet:

Punk asked fans in attendance at the event who would win in a match between him and Austin. Austin signed 25,000 copies of the special Austin 3:16 collector's edition of WWE '13.

As for Punk vs. Austin, I'm told the company is still hopeful of a possible dream match between the two at Wrestlemania XXIX. In fact, I was told that all Wrestlemania plans are on hold until they get an answer from Austin one way or the other.

  • JasonGaza

    I kinda don’t see it, For him to go knock heads with The Rock and the in 3 months he goes off to Steve Austin? Wow thats alot, and espcially when CM Punk is supposed to be fueding with Brock Lesnar some time soon.

    • Tna

      I reckon Brock vs cm punk at survivor series then theyll have punk vs rock at rr and wow to cap it off stone cold at wreslemania would be great

  • Dave Barton

    But why is it such a "dream match"? Because Austin drinks beer & Punk is straight edge…it has nothing to do with "Y'know, there both just so in-ring talented, they'd put on a great match." Austin was just a brawler, but his biggest asset was in his promos & shenanigans…I'd consider it more of a "dream feud" to see what each of these guys can say & do in the weeks/months leading to a match.

    • justsomefan

      maybe you need to go back and watch SCSA matches with Brett Hart…they also didn't call him The Ringmaster for no reason when he first debuted in WWE, sure the later half of his career he was a brawler , but Austin has tech ability.

    • urnemystic

      i believe its a dream match due to the fact that they are two wrestlers that are mainly known for their personality and characters, which included the tendancy to spit in the face of authority.

    • Mark Anindya

      Well ‘dream matches’ are dubbed so for various reasons. Hogan-Rock or Rock-Cena for example were called for the stardom of both parties and not necessarily for in-ring athleticism. If Taker-Sting ever squares off it would be another dream match- one because these got big in rival promotions, were both extremely respected figures, both at least at some points had mystique in their gimmick and because so many people have drooled in fantasy of their build up and encounter already that its a dream match irrespective of how it turns out in the ring.

      Now for Austin-Punk, both ascended up the ladder with ‘shoot’ promos and anti-establishment attitude and have great charisma and promo-cutting abilities. Yet the contrast as you said is one being beer-holic and the other straightedge. And while Austin was a brawler on his prime, he did put decent technical matches at the beginning of his career. Also the level of story-telling that he and Bret executed at WM 13 is unparalleled. And even if the Punk-Austin confrontation is a brawl, Punk can still manage it as evidenced in Punk-HHH in NOC 2011 (Although Austin’s fitness will be a question). From any angle you see it, its a dram feud where the great build up eventually culminates into a dream match.

    • ericdraven86

      He became a brawler after his neck injury, because he could not perform at the same technical level he was at before. Watch some of his work with Steamboat in mid-90's WCW. He was one of the best in-ring workers before his body got so broken down.

  • donnystancato

    if they had a wrestlemaina build up this could be one for the ages. it pretty much writes it self right

  • unknown

    id love to see this. especially if cm punk were to face the rock at rumble then face stone cold at mania. what a resume he would build. not that he doesnt have an impressive one already

  • Paul

    Just imagine if cm punk beats Brock lesnar at survivor series, the rock at royal rumble, and Stone Cold at Wrestlemania?? Forget Best in the world, try Best of all Time!!