Steve Austin Would Entertain "Right Offer" For One More Match

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According to Steve Austin's friend Paul Lazenby, Austin would entertain the "right offer" for one more match and he's in better shape then most might think. We'll explore this a little more in detail later.

Speaking of Austin, he has a new blog entry available at this link.

  • Monty

    Austin is one guy WWE could bring back for 2-3 months before WM30 and really build him and his match

    I know rock maybe a bigger start since he has done a lot of movies but IMO Austin is bigger in wrestling community, if they build him up right and his match with legitimate story line I believe WWE could have the biggest WM on their hand

    Here is my dam lineup for WM 30

    Sting vs Undertaker
    Austin vs punk- special referee mick foley
    Rock vs Brock
    RVD vs Ziggler or Daniel Bryan
    cena vs Orton yes it’s been a while and orton should be heel
    Big show vs Rayback

    If sting isn’t possible than either orton or cena should face taker

  • Austin vs punk over taker vs sting and cena vs rock anyday

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      F*** Austin! He’s a damn wife beater. And a crybaby who refused too put Lesnar over so instead he quit the WWE like a bitch. Austin only cares about money and not the fans. Stay away Austin.

      • Or maybe you forgot about the neck injury. But I’m guessing edge need to stay away aswell. I like lesnar but why would someone put him over. When he was only in it for the money. Just like the rock. Who needs to never show back up.

      • Matt

        “He refused to put over Lesnar” “He only cares about money”. There’s something strange about something defending Lesnar by saying someone else only want’s money?

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      Oh and by the way, Taker vs Cena over Austin vs Punk everyday of the year.

      • Taker vs cena would be worst than taker vs hhh 2 and 3

        • Carlos is a dumbass

          Punk/Austin would be worse then Boogeyman vs Booker T. Austin can’t wrestle anymore, he’s done

  • Ilyas

    Steve Austin should either face Punk or Cena or it could be a triple threat match and it should be at a Wrestle Mania or even Summer Slam