Steve Austin Would Entertain "Right Offer" For One More Match

According to Steve Austin's friend Paul Lazenby, Austin would entertain the "right offer" for one more match and he's in better shape then most might think. We'll explore this a little more in detail later.

Speaking of Austin, he has a new blog entry available at this link.

  • Monty

    Austin is one guy WWE could bring back for 2-3 months before WM30 and really build him and his match

    I know rock maybe a bigger start since he has done a lot of movies but IMO Austin is bigger in wrestling community, if they build him up right and his match with legitimate story line I believe WWE could have the biggest WM on their hand

    Here is my dam lineup for WM 30

    Sting vs Undertaker
    Austin vs punk- special referee mick foley
    Rock vs Brock
    RVD vs Ziggler or Daniel Bryan
    cena vs Orton yes it’s been a while and orton should be heel
    Big show vs Rayback

    If sting isn’t possible than either orton or cena should face taker

  • Austin vs punk over taker vs sting and cena vs rock anyday

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      F*** Austin! He’s a damn wife beater. And a crybaby who refused too put Lesnar over so instead he quit the WWE like a bitch. Austin only cares about money and not the fans. Stay away Austin.

      • Or maybe you forgot about the neck injury. But I’m guessing edge need to stay away aswell. I like lesnar but why would someone put him over. When he was only in it for the money. Just like the rock. Who needs to never show back up.

      • Matt

        “He refused to put over Lesnar” “He only cares about money”. There’s something strange about something defending Lesnar by saying someone else only want’s money?

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      Oh and by the way, Taker vs Cena over Austin vs Punk everyday of the year.

      • Taker vs cena would be worst than taker vs hhh 2 and 3

        • Carlos is a dumbass

          Punk/Austin would be worse then Boogeyman vs Booker T. Austin can’t wrestle anymore, he’s done

  • Ilyas

    Steve Austin should either face Punk or Cena or it could be a triple threat match and it should be at a Wrestle Mania or even Summer Slam