The Only Thing Stopping Steve Austin From Working Wrestlemania Revealed, Details On What Major WWE PPV The Company Wants To Do From The UK, Possible Locations For Wrestlemania 30

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Steve Austin Puts the Ball in Vince's Court

There's a considerable amount of chatter regarding Steve Austin's comments earlier this week that he's 100 percent fine to wrestle. We're told Austin wants the fans to know that him working Wrestlemania doesn't hinge on his health and it's up to Vince McMahon to pay him the money he's looking for.

We reported last month WWE and Austin are very far apart on money and that the company had "given up" on pursuing the Texas Rattlesnake for Wrestlemania next year. Some still feel a deal could happen but VInce is certainly dragging his feet. At this point if a deal doesn't get done, it will fall solely on McMahon for not ponying up the cash.

Locations for Wrestlemania 30 & SummerSlam 2013

We're told WWE officials have explored the possibility about having Wrestlemania 30 in Los Angeles. This of course opens SummerSlam 2013 for another location as the company wouldn't want to run their two biggest shows of the year in the same market so close together.

Right now the company is exploring their options about bringing SummerSlam overseas. We reported last week WWE officials have met with representatives of three different venues in the United Kingdom about potentially bringing a pay-per-view there and now that pay-per-view appears to be SummerSlam.

Other cities with a shot at landing Wrestlemania in 2014 or beyond include Chicago, Detroit and Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  We're also told New Orleans has a shot at landing the event if WWE is given considerable tax credits from the US government for hold the event there.

  • Jason

    Wrestlemania 30 should be in Madison Square Garden! All of the Mania's on the 10's should be there for history perspective!

    • Jaryd

      It's a nice idea for nostalgic purposes but the garden is just way too small to capitalise on the vast amount of people who want to come and see Wrestlemania from all over the world.

  • Charles

    SummerSlam in the UK would be incredible!

  • Patrick Peralta

    Money is great and all but for once couldn't Austin just do it for the fans. yeah to much to ask for but at this stage in his career he is not broke. at least I don't think he is.

    • izblack

      Thank you. Glad not everybody is kissing Austin’s ass, I said the same thing. Austin needs too quit being greedy. Too me what he’s saying I’d that money is more important then the fans.

      • Ranfery

        You know i never saw it that way! at first i was like mann vince should just do it but now its like Austin should just do it for us! for supporting him for years!

  • channesson

    Wrestle mania 30 should be held in Hawaii.. Or Chicago but only if at solider field.. Dallas would be cool too as they could draw 100 thousand ppl in there..

  • izblack

    I hope WM30 comes too LA, the weather in Southern Cali is perfect. Can’t beat the weather there and let’s not forget that it’s Hollywood which brings tons of exposure.

  • Schmidtp2

    So they're calling it WrestleMania 30? Not WrestleMania XXX?

  • Bault16

    Chicago = best city in the world

    • Outkazt09

      I second that.

  • eddie27

    Im still waiting on Pittsburgh to get a PPV. The last one we had was Bragging Rights

  • Leonard

    I think the reason Vince , is not giving in , is because he is still hurting from $100 million lost he took helping Linda. Vince is business man and is just playing hard ball with Austin. He has to know what a big draw Austin VS CM Punk would make. I think Austin VS CM Punk would be bigger and better than Rock VS John Cena 2.