Steve Corino Injured

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Steve Corino was injured at Saturday night's Ring of Honor television tapings during a street fight match against Jay Briscoe. Corino was injured after being superplexed onto a steel barricade that was on top of four chairs.

Filming was halted and Corino was checked out before he made his way to the back under his own power. As it turns out, he was shaken up and in a lot of pain but didn't suffer anything that will keep him out of the ring.

Corino posted the following update on Twitter:

  • Rotten apple

    Roh wrestling is really good but it doesn’t have any money I wish wwe would just add have that roster to their nxt system. Tag team wrestling at its finest would come back u would also have multiple contenders for the ic and the us titles I still don’t know why they just don’t purchase that company

  • Tex

    Best wishes for Steve, will see him in December at the Xcite Wrestling show in Binghamton N.Y.

  • R.A.

    Boy does Corino take some beatings.Hats off to him

  • truckerbob3007

    If WWE owned ROH it would suck just like what happened to ECW.. Forget it. Could you see kevin steen or the Briscoe’s in WWE sanitized up. No one would give two shits about them then.. NO ONE !

  • Corino is Immortal..