Sting Added To WWE Alumni; Watch A Sneak Preview Of John Cena On Dream Machines Here

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-Sting has been added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Click here to view it.

-The official WWE YouTube channel has posted a sneak preview of John Cena on Dream Machines, which will air next Tuesday on SyFy. The preview is embedded below:

  • H.M.

    What about the Crow Sting? :i

  • Chrisdoff

    I have absolutely no problem with Steve Borden being admitted into any wrestling alumni as he has stood the test of time but it is a bit strange that WWE are choosing to do this considering that he has never been involved with the company.

    • Guzzie1984

      He was with wcw and that was bought by wwe so technically he has been with part of wwe

    • Anand

      Sting was a part of WCW and now WWE owns all copyrights pertaining to that brand. So, technically they have all the right to consider Sting an Alumni.

      However, this could be a means of motivating the only prominent professional wrestler to have never worked for Vince McMahon to sign with the company 🙂

  • Austin

    Wow that’s a cheap shot.

  • Robert olley

    Willing to bet that sting will appear in wwe in time for wrestle mania either on contract or on a ric flair style trade deal

  • A2H

    I would understand hof induction. But alumni? Do they even have the right?

    • Alex P

      Hall of Fame is a little more prolific than alumni so alumni actually does make more sense. Anyway they used the surfer sting photo and they basically have all WCW rights

      • dave c

        and the crow gimmick, seeing as he started doing it in 96-97

  • Jeremy

    Remember WWE is three companies merge to be one now: It use to be WWF, WCW, and ECW separately.

    W: WWF = World Wrestling Federation
    W: WCW = World Championship Wrestling
    E: ECW = Extreme Championship Wrestling.

    Sad cuz we'll probably never get to see WWF, WCW and ECW as single company ever again.